Thanks to TV’s complete lack of music these days, there’s nothing I like better than flicking to TMF when there’s a gap in the listings. TMF is an insomniacs dream (along with Sky Sports News). Whilst you rub your itchy, tired eyes, a troupe of all-singing, all-dancing humans are wheeled out to prop you up or, indeed, make you irritable. It’s a great combo for a TV critic.

However, things are going to change. Instead of a relentless hook, chorus, oooh-fest, we’re going to get our pop mixed with the trash.

MTV is to replace TMF with comedy and music TV channel, Viva.

Viva will feature MTV shows like The Hills and Scream Queens alongside early episodes of US comedies like South Park and Two and a Half Men.

The MTV Networks director of television, Heather Jones, said Viva was “about fun and frivolity and not taking yourself too seriously” and a “real antidote to the daily grind”.

“It is not simply a new-look TMF but instead a completely new channel with a unique blend,” Jones added. “TMF has for a long time been about more than just music, so it deserves an identity that reflects its output.

“MTV has a long history of ensuring the look and feel of our channels remains current and vital and in tune with the 16- to 34-year-old audience.

“Viva will fulfil these objectives and deliver a fresh, independent general entertainment channel to viewers whilst continuing to utilise TMF’s strong music heritage including The Official Chart Show, a firm favourite of TMF viewers.”

I hope they leave the graveyard shift alone. I don’t need people speaking and all that stuff that will fuzz my brain in the wee small hours. Just give me Rihanna and Lady GaGa videos please.

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