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TOP GEAR’s Richard Hammond, aka “The Hamster,” has made a speedy recovery back to the world of extreme motorsports after a horrific high-speed crash just a few months ago. He crashed at 288 miles per hour and barely lived to tell the tale, but he has already whetted his addiction to speed with a new toy.

Hammond has recently collected a Ducati 1098 speedbike, capable of 175 mph, from the manufacturer’s plant in Italy. The speed freak now has a new way of putting himself in death-defying places – at top speed!

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There are rumours that producers of popular Top Gear are in the midst of talks to make a US version of the programme. The show would follow the same format as the UK version but would focus on American made cars.

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Presenter Jeremy Clarkson dropped hints during the latest Top Gear show that he may not be sticking around in the future. He said that the show would not return for a new series in the summer, though this has been contradicted by the BBC, who have stated that it would be returning, and with its original presenters: Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May.

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The final of Celebrity Big Brother on Sunday was viewed by 5.8 million, and the show over the season reached up to 7.3 million at its height. However Top Gear on Sunday night, which showed footage of Richard Hammond’s crash in September, was seen by 7.9 million viewers. Top Gear has reached a height of 8.6 million viewers.

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The following link shows a new picture released by the BBC of the high-speed crash that nearly took the life of Top Gear host Richard Hammond.


Richard Hammond, co-presenter of Top Gear, now has a full bill of health, after being injured while filming in September 2006. Footage of the crash is likely to be shown in the new series.

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