Toughest Place To Be…

9:00pm Sunday 2 September on BBC TWO

Emergency nurse Maria Connolly swaps her hospital in Preston for the General Hospital in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, in the third film of this three-part series in which British workers test their skills in some of the most challenging environments on earth.

Located on the Mexican/US border, this is the only public hospital in a city of one million people, at the epicentre of a drug war that has already claimed more than 50,000 lives across the country.

The hospital is also on the front line as a provider of emergency care for those caught up in the violence. The nurses treat many patients with minor injuries whilst dealing with a constant stream of traumas and a lack of resources.

For two weeks, relying only on basic technology and equipment, Maria works alongside auxiliary nurse Pablo Vasquez and deals with a staggering number of patients who have either been stabbed or shot.

She witnesses first-hand how to live and work in a city with one of the highest murder rates in the world, where the community is terrorised by ultraviolent gangs and doctors and nurses have to be protected by armed guards.

Ep 3/3

9:00pm Sunday 26 August on BBC TWO

The award-winning series returns, with three new episodes following British workers as they travel abroad to test their skills in some of the most challenging environments on earth. This week Colin Window, a bridge officer on the Woolwich ferry in east London, travels to Dhaka, Bangladesh, to work as a ferryman on the Buringanga river.

More than 6,000 miles from the river Thames, the Buringanga is one of the most congested waterways in the world, rammed with small wooden passenger boats, barges, cargo ships and huge ferries. With the help of 76-year-old skipper Mr Loteef, Colin has just over a week to master a small wooden boat, or Sampan. Powered and steered by one oar, Colin learns to weave his way through the dense river traffic before ferrying passengers and goods during the rush hour, when an estimated 25,000 people cross the river.

Living and working with Mr Loteef he finds out what it is like for some of the poorest people on the planet. He stays in one of the city’s many slums, among people who often live on less than a pound a day; meets street children and take his life in his hands as he ventures out amongst the giant ferries and barges.

Ep 2/3

9:00pm Sunday 19 August on BBC TWO

The award-winning series returns to BBC Two, with three episodes following British workers as they travel abroad to test their skills in some of the most challenging environments on earth. In the first programme Craig Notman, who works in mine rescue, travels to Mongolia to join the gold rush.

As Mongolia’s abundance of minerals turns it into one of the fastest growing economies in the world, thousands of people are heading into the wilderness to claim their stake in the country’s gold deposits. Many of them are nomadic herdsmen who have lost their livelihood because of severe weather conditions and are desperate to make a living.

During his time in Mongolia Craig lives with husband and wife Sukhbaatar and Gansuvd, two of the unofficial miners known as Ninja Turtles because of the green bowls which they often carry on their back. He sees how miners risk death or serious injury every day for a few pounds worth of gold, digging dangerous shafts and tunnels into the often frozen earth.

When Sukhbaatar discovers that other miners have got into his hole and dug out the gold, Craig makes it a matter of principle to dig his own hole, hit the gold seam and extract the precious metal to give to his host.

Ep 1/3

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