Trash to Treasure

Tuesday, 7 August 2012, 7:30PM – 8:00PM

At Ribble Reclamation, new boss Paul is trying to convince Dale that merging his demolition business with Dale’s yard is the way to make a small fortune. He gives Dale a tour of a disused school which he is about to tear down. Dale seems convinced, but when the reclaimed material finally makes it to the yard, Dale finds selling it is not as easy as it seems.
On brothers Trev and Lee’s yard at Beeston Reclamation, festival organiser Sophie has an unusual request for a load of old whiskey barrels – but can she afford them? And the brothers are stumped when they get a call from a customer for 18,000 handmade bricks. With nothing suitable in stock, they are forced to call rival suppliers. But can they fulfil the order in time?

Tuesday, 24 July 2012, 7:30PM – 8:00PM

Paul’s crusade to tidy up Dale’s yard reveals all sorts of surprising items hidden away. A fire at the historic Peckforton Castle turns out to be a lucrative opportunity for Trev and Lee.

At Ribble Reclamation, new owner Paul is on a crusade to tidy up Dale’s yard. He is surprised to discover six container-loads of antiques and reclaimed materials that have been largely hidden away from the public eye, and orders them to be emptied revealing all sorts of surprising items.

Two miles away from Trev and Lee’s yard in Beeston is the nineteenth century landmark of Peckforton Castle. A recent fire completely gutted two rooms and Lee and Trev have been called in to see what they can salvage from them. Eagle-eyed Trev snaps up £20,000 worth of flooring hoping to make a quick sale to a London property developer. Trev and Lee also hope to make another £20,000 from restoring some furniture from the castle, but there’s a disastrous revelation when it finally arrives on the yard.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012, 7:30PM – 8:00PM

Trev and Lee leave their yard in Cheshire to travel to the heart of the French countryside on the hunt for some prized oak beams and flooring. Their tight budget soon goes out of the window when they discover a surplus of riches and end up spending over £15,000.

But it looks like they may have secured a big sale before the stock even arrives back on their yard.

At Ribble Reclamation, new boss Paul is hoping to use manager Dale’s yard as a showcase for materials reclaimed from one of his demolition sites. Builder Darren has spotted some bricks he’d like for a large extension he’s building, but a lucrative £10,000 deal is jeopardized by a disagreement over the price.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012, 7:30PM – 8:00PM

At the Ribble yard in Preston, new owner Paul has spotted a specialist annual antiques auction 250 miles away in Norfolk. Taking Dale with him he spends £15,000 on new stock – only to find disappointment when it finally arrives on the yard.

Trev decides to help out a friend with some free materials for a garden she is designing for a flower show. But he soon begins to regret his decision when a series of calamities involving broken-down vehicles means that not only do the costs of the job start to rocket, he’s also at serious risk of not getting any of the materials delivered in time for the show.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012, 7:30PM – 8:00PM

Ann is a regular visitor to Ribble Reclamation, and she also turns out to be Paul’s most difficult customer. Paul tries everything in his power to sell something to her, even turning on the charm in his own unique way. But can he convince to make one visit where she doesn’t walk away empty handed?

At Beeston Reclamation brothers Trev and Lee could be about to make the biggest deal of the year. A customer has placed an order for 100,000 bricks and Trev thinks they can all come from an old mill that’s about to be demolished. But when the bricks start being delivered everyone’s in for a nasty surprise.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012, 7:30PM – 8:00PM

At Beeston Reclamation in the heart of rural Cheshire, Lee’s on the lookout for new stock for the yard. He spends £1000 of big brother Trev’s money on the contents of a disused barn but when he returns with, amongst other things, a double-seated toilet lid and some old milk churns, Trev is less than impressed.

At Ribble Reclamation Dale takes a much needed holiday in Spain.

New boss Paul takes advantage of Dale’s absence by having a complete reorganisation of the yard. Paul also secures a £3,500 sale of flagstones to a passing customer. With Paul on the warpath, Dale returns from his holiday to a rude awakening.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012, 7:30PM – 8:00PM

Trash to Treasure follows the daily fortunes of two reclamation yards fighting for survival in the North West of England.

In Preston, Ribble Reclamation is thrown into turmoil by new owner Paul. Manager Dale has run the yard on his own for ten years but Paul has invested over half a million pounds into the business and wants to see some big changes.

The pressure’s on to make a profit, so when local hotel owner Simon comes into the yard and takes a fancy to a giant cast iron cockerel, Dale goes in for the hard sell. But can he convince Simon to part with his cash?

Fifty miles south of Ribble lies the rival yard of Beeston Reclamation. Run by Trevor and his younger brother Lee, sibling rivalry can sometimes get in the way of the smooth running of the business.

But money’s tight and it’s a daily struggle to keep afloat. Trev sends Lee out to an auction to buy some stock, with the specific instruction not to buy any more chairs. So when Lee returns to the yard having spent Trev’s money on two chairs, he’s less than impressed. Lee makes it his mission to turn around a quick sale to redeem himself in his brother’s eyes.

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