Trawler Wars


When the Atlantic is in full storm and you’re clinging to the side of your 60 foot boat, battling 80 foot waves, it feels like you’re holding onto the edge of the world. Discovery Channel’s brand new series, Trawler Wars brings you that high adrenaline kick on those high seas, as the captains and crews from two rival fishing towns, Newlyn and Brixham, risk their lives to try and make a living in one of Britain’s most dangerous industries.

Sitting right on the meeting point of several Atlantic tides, these waters are some of the busiest, most exposed and dangerous on earth and last year alone saw four men from Newlyn lose their lives. These fishermen are hardworking, brave, comradely and proud, and their emotional strength is driven by the fact both towns are on a permanent war footing. But which town will bring in the biggest catch and at what cost?

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