Treasures Of Ancient Rome

9:00pm Monday 17 September on BBC FOUR

In the third and final part of the series, Alastair Sooke charts the decline and fall of the Roman Empire through some of its hidden and most magical artistic treasures.

He travels to Leptis Magna in Libya shortly after the overthrow of Gaddafi and finds one of the best preserved Roman cities in the world and the cradle of later Roman art. Sooke discovers glorious mosaics which have never been filmed before, but also finds evidence of shocking neglect of Libya’s Roman heritage by the Gaddafi regime.

His artistic tour takes him to Egypt and the northern frontiers of the empire, where he encounters stunning mummy paintings and exquisite silver and glassware. As Rome careered from one crisis to another, official art became more hard-boiled and militaristic, and an obscure cult called Christianity rose up to seize the mantle of Western art for centuries to come.

Ep 3/3

9:00pm Monday 10 September on BBC FOUR

Alastair Sooke follows in the footsteps of Rome’s mad, bad and dangerous emperors in the second part of his celebration of Roman art. He dons a wetsuit to explore the underwater remains of the Emperor Claudius’s pleasure palace, ventures into the kinky cave where Tiberius held wild parties and finds that their taste in art chimes perfectly with their obsession with sex and violence.

However it is the bombastic art that the Romans are best remembered for, with the monumental arches and columns boasting of their conquests and Trajan’s Column in Rome reading like the storyboard of a modern-day propaganda film.

Sooke concludes with the remarkable legacy of the Emperor Hadrian. He gave the world the magnificent Pantheon in Rome; the eternal image of his lover Antinous, the most beautiful boy in the history of art, and a villa in Tivoli where he created one of the most ambitious art collections ever created.

Ep 2/3

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