Trinny and Susannah Undress the Nation

Style queens Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine are launching their own online reality show.

The pair will feature in the web series entitled Trinny and Susannah: What They Did Next.

“It came about from a very bizarre process,” Constantine said. “One weekend I had the Scissor Sisters staying and I read a Sunday Times article which said the next time Trinny and I should be on TV should be our own hanging.

“I burst into tears and [Scissor Sisters member] Scott Hoffman said to me, ‘What is this, it’s the kind of thing normally used for world leaders’. He said to me we should do something along the lines of Curb Your Enthusiasm. I spoke to Trinny about it and we started developing it.”

The show will screen on the website iVillage in 16-minute episodes.

The pair are also in talks with several national and international broadcasters regarding the series being converted into full half-hour episodes for distribution in both the UK and Australia.

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After taking on the country’s boobs, men, shape, age and uniform, Trinny and Susannah Undress the Nation returns for a second series to focus on th five new topics and to tackle the problems associated with them.

This time, the straight-talking style icons try to transform Britain’s bottoms; help women to dress glamorously; teach people how to shop; and get the population to embrace colour.

Throughout the series, Trinny and Susannah prove again that they will go to any lengths to find solutions to clothing issues, even turning themselves into guinea pigs in the show on bottoms as they pose for a life-drawing class concentrating on their beautiful behinds.

Once glamorous, Britain is now full of underdressed, over-stressed, hard-pressed women, who have little or no time to look good. So, in the show on glamour, the girls aim to reignite a passion for elegant style in the nation’s wardrobes. Shopping is the nation’s favourite pastime, but do British women actually know how to shop well? It’s estimated that women have spent £7.3 billion on clothes that languish at the back of their wardrobes never to be worn. Trinny and Susannah want to stamp out these bad shopping habits and save Britain’s women from wasting time, energy and money on clothes that don’t suit them or fit properly.

Next up, the girls tackle the complex subject of colour to reveal that many people are clueless as to the shades or patterns they should wear. The stylish duo dissect the problem, starting small with make-up, building up to 12 basic colour palettes before exploding in a rainbow of colour in the final event.

Trinny and Susannah Undress The Nation
Tuesday 18 December 2007 8:00pm – 9:00pm on ITV1.

They’ve boosted breasts, made over men, glamorised grannies and now Trinny and Susannah embark on their biggest challenge to date – revamping British uniforms.

A man in uniform may be every woman’s fantasy but the reality of Britain’s company attire is far from flattering. From paramedics to traffic wardens, dinner ladies to couriers, the country’s badly dressed workforce are about to get a serious dressing down.

Despite being worth a massive £430 million pounds a year, Trinny and Susannah soon discover, thanks to the pink pod, that the nation’s uniforms are largely made up of ‘fleeces, shirts, and ill-fitting trousers’.

In an attempt to revamp one company’s uniform, the girls have joined force with supermarket chain Somerfield to redesign their uniform to accommodate 42,000 workers. They head to Birmingham to road test the existing uniform and work alongside the supermarket’s staff.

Susannah takes an instant dislike to the whole ensemble. “I’m coming out in a rash as I put this on.”

While Trinny mans the deli, Susannah decides eating the produce is much better than stacking it. Fellow workers describe the uniform as ‘uncomfortable’, ‘tatty’ and ‘horrible’. After their day in store the girls are armed with all the ammunition they need to fight for a new uniform.

In order to hammer home their mission, the girls invade the Somerfield annual conference, which is attended by all the store managers. They are greeted with resounding agreement when they pitch their plans, with 84% of the store managers in favour of new uniforms.

Now the girls need to road test their ability to create a uniform. They visit an all female driving school in Leeds who would like a company uniform that is fashionable and practical. In a swift fix they take the five driving instructors shopping and kit them out in figure flattering outfits of silver and grey with white shirts and practical yet stylish rain macs, all unified with a bright pink scarf to tie in with their company branding.

“The whole experience of designing the uniform for the driving school was great because it really made us think of important points like the sense of uniformity but keeping the women as individuals, colours and how important they are, corporate identity and confidence,” says Trinny.

But before they launch straight in to trying to accommodate a 42,000 strong workforce, Trinny and Susannah have a go at transforming the uniforms of the catering team at the Princess of Wales Hospital in Bridgend.

Lead by Barbara McCarthy, the team’s uniform is from a catalogue and was last changed ten years ago. Barbara presents the style experts with their uniforms for the day complete with hairnets and plastic aprons to meet health and safety guidelines.

Whilst Trinny and Susannah get down to business buttering bread and serving at the hot plate, they disagree with Barbara about being called dinner ladies, and Barbara is adamant about one thing – colour. “We definitely don’t want pink,” says Barbara.

But, it seems Trinny and Susannah think pink is the colour as they choose the ladies’ new outfits – pink, gingham and white.

“I think they’ve been watching too much Grease,” says Barabara. Despite their reservations the ladies are won over by the new pink uniforms, which are a hit amongst their colleagues.

Finally, after their two practice runs, Trinny and Susannah come up with their own uniform designs to be made for the Somerfield team. They opt for a pallet of greens fabrics with navy blue, in styles that are designed to be hard wearing, comfortable and on budget.

Trinny describes it as a ‘couture supermarket collection’ as they head back to Birmingham to present Somerfield staff with their new look.

They’ve planned a catwalk show amongst the fruit and veg, but it’s not without complications as the outfits get muddled and nothing quite fits right.

Crisis averted, the eight staff members reveal their practical but stylish new look to the store, which comprises warm, smart fitted fleeces for those who work in the freezer departments, flattering flared trousers and comfortable, long culottes for the ladies, with waistcoats and fitted long sleeve tops for the gents.

A resounding success, Trinny and Susannah receive the seal of approval from the store, and as a result Somerfield agree to remodel their uniforms. The new designs are yet to be revealed.

Trinny and Susannah Undress The Nation
Tuesday 13 November 2007 8:00pm – 9:00pm on ITV1.

This week, in Trinny and Susannah Undress The Nation, the girls tackle the problem of the nation’s forgotten shoppers – men. Trinny & Susannah launch a campaign to delve deep into the male psyche, unearth the root of the problem, and create a new nation of well dressed men.

Hundreds of civil engineers in London are stunned when Trinny and Susannah swoop in on their dress-down day. They round the men and coax them into their pod to reveal how and why they dress like they do and Trinny & Susannah are shocked at the results.

“You’re wearing a woman’s vest over a man’s t-shirt!” says a shocked Trinny.

“You’ve got amazing coloured eyes but you look like you’ve just crawled from under a stone,” adds Susannah.

Expecting a few faux pas Trinny and Susannah soon realise that they have an enormous problem on their hands. The girls decide they need to see where this crisis stems from.

They hit the high street and go undercover to observe just how men shop and find out why they always get it so wrong.

With their hidden cameras, the girls spot a text book case and pounce on 28 year old window cleaner Paul Wright and girlfriend Emma.

“You need to be more streamlined. You need to get a little bit of elegance in you and a little less thug. I did think football hooligan when I saw you first,” advises Susannah.

The girls conclude that they need to come up with some kind of method that’s going to make the shopping experience easier for men but to do this they need to get inside their heads and see what makes them tick.

Trinny and Susannah take a trip to East London’s finest dog track in Walthamstow – one of the last bastions of British maleness where women are few and far between.

Susannah says: “They’re all shouting, they’re all shouting, they all understand each other, it’s a foreign language but they all understand each other.”

After grilling the men at the races and seeing how they work, the duo have a eureka moment: they see the way men crave information and the way they like it presented to them – simply.

The girls decide that men come in six basic varieties: Man boobs, beer belly, short legs, thick neck, broad shoulders and skinnies. They come up with dos and don’ts for each body shape and decide that a simple chart format could work;

The girls need to get the rules out there so approach a well know department store in London. Their plan is to turn the men’s department into a female free, men only, shopping oasis where each man will be armed with Trinny & Susannah’s new rules.

Firstly they decide to road test the rules on some Cumbrian slate miners, men they consider to be the least vain. They head down the slate mine to surprise the men but Trinny might have to commit a sartorial crime of her own;

“Oh God! I’m going to have to wear a fleece. Do I really need to wear this?” questions Trinny, donning walking boots, hard hat and head torch.

Trinny and Susannah decide to take the men on a shopping trip to Newcastle. 41-year-old Mark Weir lives in his work clothes and couldn’t care less how he looks. 38-year-old Martin Nicholson does care but hasn’t shopped for himself in seven years, while 29-year-old Graham Robson hasn’t bought a single item of clothing for over a decade and believes it’s a woman’s chore.

After being left to their own devices Trinny and Susannah give their verdicts on the men’s own choices:

“I’d say you’d gate-crashed, you’re the help, the waiter, you were caught short with your trousers in somebody else’s door and you quickly put something else on and I’d say you’re about, ‘I’ve done well, look at my jacket’,” says Trinny.

After a practice run the girls are worried that the rules aren’t working.

“A set of clothing rules may seem very simple to us extraordinarily brilliant women but to blokes they seem to have a problem getting their heads round it,” explains Susannah.

The girls call upon an ad agency to simplify the rules even further, and with this in mind, they base the rules upon the Highway Code – The Male Dress Code.

The Male Dress Code is perfected and Trinny and Susannah invite six examples that represent each body shape of the male dress code down to their department store.

They include, Martin East who has always been embarrassed by his skinny body and hasn’t shopped by himself for ten years, 35-year-old Ross Campbell who detests his beer belly and 35-year-old David Pomoroy who has lost nearly five stone.

Also joining them is 38-year-old Clive Starr with his man boobs, thick necked Paul Wilson and short-legged Carl Salbridge.

Trinny and Susannah show that with direction men can dress well and these men are the proof but will the code translate and create a nation of well dressed men?

Fashion Gurus Trinny and Susannah from ITV1’s “Trinny and Susannah Undress the Nation” have made a bold public appearance to draw publicity for their show. The pair stripped down in front of a rather large crowd in public and gave away all of their bras – to 900 different women!

The stunt was filmed for their show which serves to get women to properly measure their bra size. Needless to say, a number of male onlookers were suitably impressed – both with the fashion tv stars’ strip show and the strip show from the 900 women crowding around for free bras!

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