Trish Goddard

trisha goddard
my grandchild’s been taken away… i won’t let her grow up in a drug den

More real-life discussion all week.

Today, Agnes says that she is being denied the chance to be a grandmother by her son’s ex. She says that Ashley has stolen the baby away and is bringing her up in a violent drug den.

Tuesday’s episode is ‘Teen Lover, I May Be a Sugar Daddy But Stop Acting Like a Child’, in which Roy fears that his teen lover is using him.

Wednesday’s show, ‘My Lying Daughter Tried to Wreck My Marriage… Now She Wants Me at Her Wedding’, features Leanne, who wants to know why her dad is boycotting her wedding.

In ‘From Orphan to Drag Queen –Will My LongLost Family Accept Me?’ on Thursday, Gary worries that his estranged family might not accept his lifestyle.

And in Friday’s instalment, ‘Fiancé, If You Had a Job, You Wouldn’t Have Time to Cheat!’, Hollie says that her fiancé has become far too comfortable on the dole.

trisha goddard
my dad begged my fiancée for sex!

More real-life discussion all week.

Today, Shane reveals that his dad is banned from his wedding because he made a pass at his fiancée. Shane says that his dad even told her that he wants her to have his children!

Tuesday’s episode is ‘I’m Free from Jail but Trapped in My Relationship’, in which Derek says that he has come out of jail only to face being locked up again –in a loveless marriage.

Wednesday’s show, ‘My Man Hasn’t Eaten for Six Years!’, features father of four Dave, who has not eaten properly since two freak choking accidents put him off food.

In ‘Sex, Lies and Blackmail –Nightmare Daughter It’s Time to Stop!’ on Thursday, three mothers say they are at their wits’ end worrying about their daughters.

And in Friday’s instalment, ‘Should I Marry My Pregnant Fiancée If She Cheated on Me?’, Patricia says she is trapped in the crossfire between her pregnant daughter and her future son-in-law.

trisha goddard
you’ve turned my son against me and banned me from my grandkids!

More real-life discussion all week.

Tuesday’s episode features Jackie, who says she has detested her son Andrew’s fiancée ever since she laid eyes on her four years ago. Kerry is now pregnant for the third time and Jackie does not believe that Andrew is the father.

Wednesday’s show is ‘My Man Hasn’t Eaten for Six Years’, in which father of four Dave reveals he has not eaten properly for some years, after two freak choking accidents traumatised him and put him off food.

In ‘My Ex Had a Baby with Another Man But I Want to Bring Up Her Baby’, on

Thursday, George says his childhood sweetheart Anne broke his heart when she gave birth to another man’s baby, but he wants to bring up the baby as his own. Will she give him another chance?

Episodes on Monday and Friday are as yet to be confirmed.

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