Trisha Goddard

Monday March 16 at 10:30pm on five

More real-life discussion all week.

On Monday , a father wants to know why his kids oppose his authority.

On Tuesday’s show, a woman tells her partner: ‘You Broke the Door Because You Didn’t Get Your Toastie… Punch My Face Again and Our Relationship Is Over!’

A mother-in-law causes trouble in ‘My Mum-in-Law Ate Me Out of House and Home… She Even Made Me Buy Luxury Food for Her Cats!’ on Wednesday .

On Thursday , in ‘Forced to Stay at Home and Treated Like a Slave… I’d Rather Be a Single Mum Than Stay with My Man’, a woman fears her partner will return to his life of crime.

And on Friday , a woman says: ‘I Want to Reveal My Shocking Family Secret… My Sister’s Man Could’ve Fathered My Baby.’

Monday 9th March to Friday 13th March at 10:30am on five

More real-life discussion all week.

On Monday , a couple fight over their unborn child.

On Tuesday’s show, a woman tells her friend: ‘You Deny Stealing My Mum’s Engagement Ring… Can the Interrogator Force You to Confess the Crime?’

Wednesday’s programme is ‘If the Lie Detector Proves You Cheated on My Son… I Never Want to See My Grandkids Again!’. Aman wants to know if his ex cheated on him.

On Thursday , a man says: ‘I Escaped from Jail and Had Sex with My Ex Just Once. Now She Demands

Money for a Kid That’s Not Mine!’

And on Friday , in ‘You Roll on the Floor Fighting with Your Fiancé… Daughter –End Your Angry Rages and Get Married!’, a couple are urged to end their fights.

More real-life discussion all week.

On Monday, a woman claims that her mother-in- law is brainwashing her children.

In ‘My Sister Is Trying to Steal My Family From Me… I’ll Fight Her in the Aisle if She Comes to My Wedding!’ on Tuesday, a woman wants nothing more to do with her dishonest sibling.

On Wednesday’s show, ‘My Stepdaughter Wants Sex with Me… I Found Her Waiting Naked in the Bed!’, a woman tells of how her husband shared a secret kiss with her daughter.

Thursday’s instalment is ‘As a Teenager I Fought with 40-Year-Old Men… So My Mum Made Me Sleep on the Streets!’. A woman tells her son he will wind up dead if he does not calm his violent rages.

And on Friday, in ‘I Was Left on Church Steps at 5 Months Old… 32 Years Later Will I Be Reunited with Any Family?’, a woman asks if she will ever find her biological relatives.

More real-life discussion all week.

On Monday, a woman believes her daughter may be a thief.

In ‘Our Relationship Died the Same Day As Our Dog… My Ex Refused to Put Him Down Leaving Me in Debt’ on Tuesday, a couple argue over their injured pet.

On Wednesday’s show, a woman asks, ‘Is My Ex the Worst Father in Britain? He Denies Paternity to Avoid Paying Maintenance’.

Thursday’s instalment is ‘You Posed for Soapy Sexy Photos in a Bubble Bath… Did You Get Secret Sex on Tap? Lie Detector Results!’. A man wants to know if his ex posed for raunchy pictures.

And on Friday, in ‘I Found Your Stash of Sex Toys and Ladies’ Jewellery. Fiancé – Admit You’re Cheating Or Our Wedding’s Off!’, a woman has questions for her fiancé.

More real-life discussion all week.

On Monday, a woman comes into the studio to ask her daughter to stop spreading vicious rumours about her.

In ‘My Dad Wanted Us to Get Rid of Our Child… He’s Banned from Our Baby and the Wedding’ on Tuesday, a man confronts his estranged father.

On Wednesday’s show, ‘My Ex Kicked Me Out and Made Me Homeless. Now Her New Husband Is Playing Daddy to My Son!’, a man claims that his ex-partner has kicked him out of the house and denied him access to his own son.

Thursday’s instalment is ‘My Daughter Took Me to Court for Unlawful Eviction. Now She’s Stopped Me from Seeing My Grandkids!’. A grandmother says that her daughter is making her life hell.

And on Friday, in ‘Why Is a Knickerless Girl Sending You Messages? I’m Banning You from Our Baby If You’ve Cheated’, a worried mother asks her son to quit his dangerous job.

More real-life discussion all week.

On Monday, a woman tries to convince her two ex-husbands that they need a DNA test to determine who is the father of her kids.

In ‘Which Husband Fathered My Daughters… After 18 Years We All Need to Know the Truth!’ on Tuesday, the DNA test results are in from Monday’s show. Which man is the father?

On Wednesday’s show, ‘You Refuse to Accept My Daughter Dumped You. Stop Stalking Her – Pack Your Bags and Leave Hull’, a woman wants her daughter’s ex to move away.

Thursday’s instalment is ‘I Beat Up My Wife and Was Threatened with Prison… Now She Has Sex with Me to Stop Me Hitting Her!’. A husband and wife resolve to stop hitting each other.

And on Friday, a woman says she saved her childhood sweetheart from drugs and crime in ‘I Want My Partner to Face the Interrogator… Did He Sneak Off For Sex While I Waited in the Car?’.

More real-life discussion all week.

On Monday, a mum reveals that she has issues with her son’s partner.

A man is suspected of cheating in ‘I Cooked Dinner But My Husband Didn’t Come Home… He’d Got His Feet under Another Woman’s Table’ on Tuesday.

On Wednesday’s show, a woman says her daughter is destroying her family, in ‘I Offered to Buy My Daughter a Childcare Nursery… But What Mother Would Leave Their Kids with Her?’.

Thursday’s instalment is ‘I Found Your Stash of Sex Toys and Ladies’ Jewellery. Fiancé – Admit You’re Cheating or Our Wedding’s Off!’. Kirstie says she found a stash of sex toys in her fiancé’s luggage.

And on Friday, a mother is accused of trying to take her own grandchildren, in ‘My Daughter Accuses Me of Snatching Her Child. Now I’m Fighting for Access to My Grandchildren’.

The Trisha Goddard show will not return to Five after its current run finishes later in 2009.

After more than four years of production for the channel, Five has taken the difficult decision to not renew the contract with production company Town House TV.

Dawn Airey, Five’s Chair and CEO said: “Trisha Goddard has been a tremendous asset to Five’s daytime schedule. I want to thank Trisha and the production team for their years of dedication and hard work.

“It is with great sadness and regret that we’ve come to this conclusion, but in the present economic climate, it feels like the right time to go our separate ways. We are currently reviewing all our business practices and contracts and need to focus our resources on the most commercially critical parts of the schedule.”

Trisha Goddard said: “I have enjoyed my time at Five but I look forward to exciting new challenges ahead.”

More real-life discussion all week.

On Monday, a woman explains that her brother kicked her out when she was heavily pregnant – now she wants him out of her life for good.

Tuesday’s instalment is ‘I’ve Banned My Stepdaughter From the Family Home… She Stole Her Mother’s Jewels and Sold the Violin’. A woman claims her stepdaughter stole jewellery and money.

On Wednesday’s show, ‘Niece, You Have 7 Babies and Sleep with Truckers… You’ve Gone Off the Rails Since You Buried Your Dad’, Patsy is disgusted by her niece’s hobby of meeting men on the internet.

Thursday’s instalment is ‘My Fiancé Makes Me Live Off Benefits in Poverty. All I Want Is a Meal Out and an Engagement Ring’. Nataleigh says her man has to get a job or she’ll cancel their wedding!

And on Friday in ‘I Let You Live in My Shed but You Repay Me by Banning Me from Seeing My Grandkids’, a woman claims she has the mother-in- law from hell.

More real-life discussion all week.

In Monday’s show there are allegations of cheating, harassing phone calls and texts.

Tuesday’s instalment is ‘You Tried to Break into My House and Steal a Baby – Leave My Sister Alone!’. Tammy claims that her sister’s ex-partner does not deserve to see his child. Is she in the right?

On Wednesday’s show, ‘You Had Sex with a Stranger in a Nightclub Toilet… Confess to Late- Night Loo Love and Face Your Fiancée!’, Kayleigh suspects Richard of cheating on her.

On Thursday’s programme, ‘My Lazy Fiancé Refuses to Get Work… He Can’t Even Afford to Buy Me a Decent Ring!’, Nataleigh tells her man he has to get a job or she will cancel the wedding.

And on Friday, in ‘I’ve Found the Man I Believe to Be My Father… DNA Test Him!’, Lisa believes she has found her long-lost dad, but he does not think she is his daughter.

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