Trisha Goddard

More real-life discussion all week.

On Monday’s show, Jason admits he left his wife, Rona, for her friend.

Tuesday’s instalment is ‘I Stole Your Man and Now He’s Living with Me… You’ll Never Win Him Back or Ban Him from His Kids!’. Jade thought she had the perfect family until two weeks ago.

On Wednesday’s show, ‘Did My Runaway Wife Cheat on Me… I Need a Lie Detector to Find Out If She’s a Prostitute!’, John is convinced his wife has been tempted into prostitution.

On Thursday’s programme, ‘Is My Partner Trying to Corner Me into a Confession? I Believe He’s Pretending to Be a Woman to Trap Me!’, Basana is convinced his wife has been having an affair.

And on Friday in ‘I’ve Been in Jail for Armed Robbery and Can’t Get a Job… Now I’m Facing a Sex Ban and Being Chucked Out!’, Justine says partner Paul refuses to get a job.

I Met My Man 6 Weeks Ago and I’m Expecting His Baby…
I Want His Wife to Stop Spreading Vicious Rumours!

More real-life discussion all week.

In Monday’s show, Keith wants to find his mother to tell her that he is a changed man.

Tuesday’s instalment is ‘The Police Caught My Brother Naked on the Street… His Shameful
Behaviour Is Killing Our Mother!’. John claims his brother’s drinking habit is spiralling out of control.

On Wednesday’s show, ‘My Husband Is a Cheating Control Freak… Now I Have a New Lover and I Want a Divorce!’, Mary wants to tell estranged husband John that their marriage is over.

On Thursday’s programme, ‘You Stole My Money and Drank My Champagne – Son I Want a DNA Test!’, Lionel is convinced his 26-year-old son, Dwayne, is not really his.

And on Friday in ‘My Sister Pawned Her Wedding Ring for Drugs’, former world champion sprinter Dwain Chambers speaks about second chances.

One Woman – Two Men… Who Will She Choose?

More real-life discussion all week.

In Monday’s show, Bridget has been seeing two best friends for over three years. Now fighting has broken out between the men. Who will she choose?

Tuesday’s instalment is ‘My Ex Threatened to Put Me in the Ground – He Came at Me with a Shovel!’. Amanda says her ex stormed into her house and threatened to bury her with a shovel.

On Wednesday’s show, ‘Dad – Leave Your Drunken Age-Gap Girlfriend or Lose Me!’, Anthony was due to get married to his fiancée. He called the wedding off because he is sick of her constant accusations of cheating. What will it take for him to re-book their big day?

On Thursday’s programme, ‘My Daughter Threw a Knife in My Back – Should I Kick Her Out?’, Peter thinks he has been too soft on his daughter for too long. Will he kick her out today?

And on Friday in ‘Have My Family Been Hiding a Secret… Am I Really Related to My Brother?’, Sammy and Gareth’s dad claims Gareth is not his son. Will a DNA test provide answers?

I Was Reunited with My Brother on the Show But His Sisters Doubt We’re Related… DNA Test Results!

More real-life discussion all week.
In Monday’s show, Jacky says the woman who claims to be her long-lost sister is a scam artist.

Tuesday’s instalment is ‘I Fear I’ll End Up Just Like My Heartless Mother… I Didn’t Want to Be a Bad Mum So I Aborted My Baby’. Will Margaret’s son pay back the thousands of pounds he owes her?

On Wednesday’s show, Terri says: ‘I Was Told Dad Abandoned Me to Avoid Paying Maintenance… I Need to Find Him to Hear the Truth!’.

On Thursday’s programme, ‘I’ve Been Reunited with the Son I Put Up for Adoption… But I Never Want to See His Thieving Brother Again!’, Peter says he walked into a long-standing family feud.

And on Friday, Denise claims she is married to Britain’s laziest man, in ‘We’re Here to Share Out Man Training Tricks… Use These Tips to Whip Your Man into Shape!’

More real-life discussion all week.

In Monday’s show, Jacky is convinced the woman claiming to be her half-sister is a fraudster who is after the family’s money!

Tuesday’s instalment is ‘Married Men Pay Me to Take My Clothes Off… But Even If I Was Broke I’d Never Dance Again!’ Guests include a former stripper, a porn star and a prostitute.

Wednesday’s show is ‘I Put My Daughter into Care When She Was a Child – Is That Why She Refuses to Come to My Wedding?’ Jessica claims her mum would pick men over her… including the postman!

On Thursday’s programme, ‘I’ve Been Banned From Taking My Kids to Blackpool – I Want My Ex to Give Me Access to My Four Children’, Eric’s fiancée, Janet, believes that their 14-year relationship is a lie.

And on Friday, ‘Married for Three Weeks and You Threaten Me… Have a Baby with Me, Not One of Your Ex-lovers!’, sees Patrick complain that the last time he had sex was in 1986. Can Trisha help him to find love?

More real-life discussion all week.

In Monday’s show, Kirsty is accused of cheating on her partner… by his mother!

Tuesday’s show is ‘Married Men Paid Me to Take My Clothes off… But Even If I Was Flat Broke I’d Never Dance Again!’. Guests include a former stripper and a porn star.

Wednesday’s instalment is ‘I’m Bringing Up My Fiancé’s Baby on My Own – But Which of Seven Men Is Really the Dad?’, in which a woman is desperate to identify the father of her baby.

On Thursday’s programme, Ann-Marie says: ‘I Need to Get the Truth from My Mum. Why Did She Give Me Up for Adoption?’.

And on Friday, Chris says: ‘I Could Smell the Scent of Another Man… My Partner Couldn’t Deny Cheating On Me’.

More real-life discussion all week.

In Monday’s show, Jimmy says he was dumped in a field by a friend. But is this the truth?

On Tuesday, in ‘Ex – I Won’t Let You and Your Family Blackmail Me… You Slept around and That Baby Isn’t Mine!’, Brian must choose between his drug habit and his dog.

On Wednesday, Rachel says: ‘My Selfish Sister Didn’t Tell Me Our Dad Was Dead – I Found out 12 Months Later and Missed the Funeral’.

Thursday’s show is ‘Your Late Night Rows Make My Life a Misery – Neighbours from Hell Shut Up or Split Up!’. Crystal thinks her partner is a cheat.

Friday’s show is ‘Married Men Paid Me to Take My Clothes off… But Even If I Was Flat Broke I’d Never Dance Again!’. Guests include a former stripper and a porn star.

More real-life discussion all week.

In Monday’s show, Sally admits to being physically violent with her fiancé. With six weeks left before their wedding, Jason is desperate for his future wife to change her behaviour.

On Tuesday, in ‘DNA Results… Are We Really Sisters?’, there are plenty of surprises in store, an emotional reunion or two, and shocking revelations to boot.

On Wednesday’s show, ‘I’ve Brought Up All My Daughters on My Own… They Repay Me by Branding Me a Liar!’, Carla says she found love bites on her fiancé’s neck and scratches down his back, but he claims he got them while playing with a dog!

Thursday’s show is ‘Treated Like a Slave… Should I Leave My Lazy Husband?’. Mel claims that all her partner does is lie on the sofa and order her around.

And on Friday, ‘It’s Phippsy’s 100th Show… He Knows When You’re Lying!’, resident bodylanguage expert Robert Phipps doles out his hot tips on how to spot a liar.

More real-life discussion all week.

In Monday’s show, Lesley confronts the woman who attacked her and put her in hospital – her own daughter.

On Tuesday, in ‘My Brother in Law Confessed to Five Affairs! Sister – It’s Time You Divorced That Love Rat’, Carol is reluctant to get rid of her cheating husband.

On Wednesday’s show, mothers and daughters work on their damaged relationships in ‘My Mum Lied about Having Cancer… Is She Lying about My Long Lost Father?’.

Thursday’s show is ‘Chatting up Women in Bars and Spying on Women in Bras… Is My Man a Cheat? Face the Interrogator!’. Jenny says she found letters from other women addressed to her partner. Is he a cheat?

And on Friday, Tony claims to hate fat women, in ‘Fat Models Should Be Banned!’. But just what makes the perfect body?

More real-life discussion all week.

In Monday’s show, a woman claims she was forced to abandon her child by her partner. Surprise reunions and revelations abound when the pair are reunited.

On Tuesday, in ‘We’ve Only Been Married for a Week… Did My Husband Cheat on His Stag Night?’, Michelle suspects new hubby Kevin has a secret mistress.

Two men accused of cheating meet the Interrogator on Wednesday, in ‘My Ex Is Stalking My House and Begging Me Back… I Dumped Him Because I’m Sure He’s Cheated!’.

Thursday’s show is ‘Dad Leave Your Drunken Age Gap Lover or Lose Me’. Billy Jo says she had a wonderful relationship with her dad until his new girlfriend arrived.

And on Friday, a woman reveals a secret bingo addiction to her shocked family, in ‘My Sister Exposed Herself As a Secret Gambler… But Am I to Blame for Her Online Bingo Addiction?’.

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