Trisha Goddard

More real-life discussion all week.

In Monday’s show, ‘You Smashed Up My Home and Paid Thugs to Get Me – Your Son Can See What An Evil Mother You Are’, Simon’s mother and girlfriend try to put an end to their bitter row by forcing Simon to choose between them.

In Tuesday’s edition, ‘My Jealous Sister Beats Me Black and Blue, I Had to Call the Police to Come and Protect Me’, Jeannie claims that her sister Jackie is a liar and a thief. Can Trisha expose the real story behind their vicious catfighting?

On Wednesday, Penny tells Trisha that ‘My Husband’s Gambling Has Cost Him Our Marriage. I’m Taking Our Baby and Walking Away’. Chris is on the show to beg for forgiveness, but Penny says she wants to remain a single mother.

In Thursday’s programme, ‘I’ve Not Seen My Dad for Twenty Years, Why Did He Abandon Me When I Was Just Three?’ Trisha reunites a father and son. How will the pair relate to each other after being separated for so long?

And on Friday, Paige says ‘I Earn Thousands a Night Having Sex with Rich Men in Order to Give My Child the Best Life I Can’. Can Paige defend her career choice in front of a live studio audience?

More real-life discussion all week.

In Monday’s show, Edna’s sisters say they had an agreement to share her £50,000 bingo winnings – but Edna would rather jet off to Las Vegas on her own instead.

On Tuesday’s edition, Peter tells Eva: ‘You Check My Phone and Computer for Sexy Messages. Wife – Start to Trust Me or I’m Leaving You and the Kids’.

On Wednesday, in ‘I Got a Letter in the Post Saying I’m a Dad… But Then My Fiancée Tells Me It’s Not Mine’, Kirk and Gemma are both convinced the other is cheating.

In Thursday’s programme, Caroline asserts that ‘Diet Pills Made Me So Slim and Horny… I Went to Bed with My Daughter’s Man!’. Is there any truth behind her bizarre claim?

And on Friday, Linda has some explaining to do in ‘Daughter I’m Not Hiding Secrets about Your Dad, Stop Bullying Me for Answers… He’s Dead!’.

More real-life discussion all week.
In Monday’s show, Robert wants to know if the man claiming to be his real father is telling the truth. Will a DNA test settle the matter?

Tuesday’s edition is ‘You Deceived My Daughter with Your Double Life… Why Are You Denying You Fathered Her Baby?’, in which Craig admits that, for the last 15 years, he has been seeing two different women – both called Nicola.

On Wednesday, in ‘You Caught Me Half Naked with Another Woman… I’ve Told You Nothing But the Truth!’, Kofi says his fiancée’s mother is determined to split them up by spreading malicious rumours.

In Thursday’s programme, Alan says: ‘My Stepson Threw a Phone at His Mum, So I Threw Him Out of the House – For Good!’

And in Friday’s show, Sarah accuses her mum’s partner of being a gold digger in ‘You’re Only Engaged to My Mum to Get Your Hands on Her Money!’.

More real-life discussion all week.
In Monday’s show, Holly has told her fiancé,
Andy, that their wedding is on hold until she is
reunited with her long-lost dad. She wants to
make a desperate final appeal to find him…
Tuesday’s edition is ‘Stop Stalking Me and My
Pregnant Partner. Our Fling Was a Mistake… the
Baby’s Not Mine!’, in which Craig wants to know if
he really is the father of Nicola’s baby.
On Wednesday, Kelly tells Beston: ‘I Found
You with Your Pants around Your Ankles… Yet
You Tell Me You Were Only Innocently Hugging
the Woman.’
In Thursday’s programme, Karl says, ‘I Left My
Fiancée Two Weeks Ago… I Couldn’t Face
Another Beating.’ But is he about to give partner
Claire another chance?
And in Friday’s show, ‘Battle of the Sexes’,
Trisha poses the question, can men and women
live together in perfect harmony? Special guests
Nikki Grahame (‘Big Brother’) and Jeff Brazier
(‘The Farm’) join the heated debate.

More real-life discussion all week.
In Monday’s show, Sam reveals she cancelled
her wedding plans after hearing that her fiancé
had asked an ex to flash him her private parts!
Tuesday’s edition is ‘While I Lay Dying in
Hospital My Son Robbed from Me’, in which 68-
year-old Daniel claims that his ne’er-do-well son
stole from his house.
On Wednesday, newly released jailbird Dawn
tells her partner Andrew: ‘You Got Me Pregnant
Just Before I Was Locked Up. Were You with
Other Birds While I Was Doing Time?’
In Thursday’s programme, one mother asks the
loaded question: ‘Did My Daughter Push Me
Down the Stairs… So She Could Steal My Fiancé?
And in Friday’s show, ‘I Found My Long Lost
Daughter on the Internet… Why Doesn’t She Want
to Meet Me?’, Damian says he received an email
that gave him the shock of his life. And a man
wants to be reunited with his daughter after many
years apart.

More real-life discussion all week.
In Monday’s show, Joyce confronts Eira after
seeing her shouting at Fran on a previous show.
Tuesday’s show is ‘When My Daughter Died I
Took In My Grandson but His Bad Behaviour Was
Too Much’, in which Shane says his grandmother
made his life hell when she took him in.
On Wednesday, Andrew tells Sammy: ‘I’ve
Already Bought a Wardrobe Full of Baby
Clothes… You Can’t Bar Me from Being a Dad’.
In Thursday’s show, Tarek asks Gemma the
reasonable question: ‘Jealous Fiancée – You
Threw a Knife at Me… Why Should I Marry You?’
And in Friday’s show, a former con reveals: ‘I
Came out of Prison a Week ago… And My Partner
Confessed to Cheating’. Can this relationship
survive? Also, Albert accuses his son Kirk of
stealing – so Trisha calls in interrogator Drew
McAdam to uncover the truth.

More real-life discussion all week.
In Monday’s show, Nick talks about how his
fiancée, Michaela, informed him by text that she
was leaving him and taking their baby with her.
On Tuesday, David says: ‘I’ve Not Seen My Ex-
Wife or Kids for 20 Years… Has She Poisoned
Their Minds against Me?’
On Wednesday, Pete tells girlfriend Charlene:
‘I Confess I Planned a Bisexual Foursome… But
I’d Never Pick Up Strangers for Sex!’ Is he telling
her the whole truth?
In Thursday’s show, Diana says of Scott: ‘My
Husband Beat Me and I Gave Him a Second
Chance… If He Lays One Finger on Me Again I’m
Leaving’. Trisha also meets warring couple Seth
and Sarah.
And in Friday’s show, Ashley wants to know the
truth in ‘Mum Told Me Dad Died Before I Was
Born… I Think She’s Lied to Me for 25 Years’.

More real-life discussion all week.
In Monday’s show, Dennis’s wife of over 20
years wants to know if her husband is having an
illicit affair with Dominique – the couple’s 28-yearold
Tuesday’s show is ‘Your Abusive Texts Made
Me Lose My Baby… But Your Stalking Won’t Make
Me Lose My Man!’ Louise claims that her ex, Bryn,
has been harassing her out of revenge – but he
says that Louise has been stalking him.
On Wednesday, Craig asks Cindy: ‘I Chewed
up Your Engagement Ring after an Argument… Is
the Wedding Off?’
In Thursday’s show, Kym tells Dale: ‘I’m Too
Tired for Sex and Affection… You Should Find Love
with Another Woman’.
And in Friday’s show, Mani tells Shaz: ‘You
Threw an Iron at My Head… But I’m Not Cheating
with an Ex!’ Is he telling the truth?

More real-life discussion all week with someclassic shows from the archives.In Monday’sshow, Heather hopes to convinceher estranged sister,Belinda, that she is with thewrong man. And Sherelle has threatened to cancelher wedding to Tony unless he takes a lie-detectortest to prove he has not strayed.On Tuesday’s show, Tracey claims: ‘I Sleep withan Air Horn under My Bed to Warn My Neighboursof My Ex Intruding’.On Wednesday, John asks Lauren: ‘Fiancée –Have You Had Sex in the Stables?’ Are therumours that have prompted him to postponetheir wedding true?In Thursday’s show, Pete tells Melissa: ‘LazyWife –Get out of Bed… and Do the Dishes’. And in Friday’s show, Georgina wonders: ‘Is MyTaxi Driver Husband Picking Up Other Women?’ IsPhil getting more than tips from his passengers?

More real-life discussion all week.

Monday’s show features Danielle, who claims her late partner’s mother and sister blame her for his suicide.

On Tuesday’s show, ‘Separated after a Blackpool Day Trip 23 Years Ago… Will I Be Reunited with My Long Lost Dad?’, Simone reveals she has not seen her dad for 23 years.

On Wednesday, in ‘Women of Britain Be Warned… Keep Away from My Ex!’, Nic says her ex only had eyes for birds and models, being a keen ornithologist and model-plane builder.

In ‘I’m Eight Months Pregnant with Your Baby… and You’re Texting My Best Friend for Sex!’ on Thursday, Emma says the father of her unborn baby keeps pestering her best friend for sex.

And in Friday’s show, ‘Accused of Sleeping with Prostitutes at Cocaine Parties –Fianće I’m No
Cheat!’, John says that his relationship with his pregnant fianće has become intolerable.

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