True Blood

As a fan of HBO’s True Blood, I’m lucky enough to get emails about the show from the network, and today, I had an awesome little Facebook app sent to me which enables you to put yourself and your friends right into the action!

Called ‘Immortalize Yourself’, all you need to do to star in True Blood is ‘Like’ their Facebook page – which you can go to by clicking here – then start your video.

You can make as many as you wish, putting different friends into different parts of the scenes.

Give it a go! It’s absolutely addictive!

10:05pm Thursday, November 25 on C4

The second run of the series concludes with a double bill. With the crisis in Bon Temps spinning out of control, Bill seeks the advice of Sophie-Anne (played by Evan Rachel Wood), the Vampire Queen of Louisiana, but he must exercise patience before she gives him critical information. Meanwhile, Sookie and Lafayette find that protecting Tara from herself is more difficult than they anticipated; a desperate Sam seeks help in unlikely places; and Jessica tests Hoyt’s allegiance to Maxine.

10:30pm Thursday, October 7 on C4

In tonight’s episode Bill and Sookie invite Jessica to go to Dallas with them to carry out Eric’s vampire-reconnaissance mission, but a surprise awaits them at the airport. At the Light of Day Institute, Jason falls victim to a practical joke, but has the last laugh when the Newlins anoint him for a higher calling. Meanwhile, Maryann throws a birthday party for Tara at Sookie’s house which soon gets out of hand; and Lafayette finds himself reluctantly pulled back into Eric’s orbit.

10:00pm Thursday, September 16 on C4

The biggest TV phenomenon of last year is back with a bite as True Blood series two returns to Channel 4. In the opening episode, a shocking murder outside Merlotte’s has Bon Temps reeling. Sookie’s (Anna Paquin) relationship with Bill (Stephen Moyer) is tested when she discovers his involvement in her uncle’s death; Jason is on the receiving end of a windfall that allows him to pay for a leadership retreat with the anti-vampire sect Fellowship of the Sun; and Sam casts his mind back to a shape-shifting encounter he had as a teenager.

Vampire series True Blood has been renewed for a fourth season by HBO.

With the third season getting off to a flying start in the US, it comes as no surprise the show will return for fourth next year.

“The new season of ‘True Blood’ is off to a terrific start, as enthusiasm for this unique show continues to build among both subscribers and critics,” said HBO programming president Michael Lombardo.

“We’re looking forward to more chills from Alan Ball and his gifted team next year.”

Creator Alan Ball said: “I am beyond thrilled to be able to continue working with this amazing cast and crew.

“This is the most fun I have ever had.”

Season four will consist of 12 episodes.

Source: THR

Wednesday, December 23 on 4

In the last episode of the series Sookie reveals her suspicions about the identity of the murderer to Jason in prison but he shoos her out and refuses to listen to her theories. Tara makes the most of her second chance with Maryann and meets “Eggs” Benedict at her house. And Jason receives a visit from an anti-vampire zealot.

Wednesday, October 21 on 4

Bill’s vampire friends circle around Sookie, threatening to feed on her. Bill wards them off and lays claim to the waitress. Elsewhere, Sam seeks a short-term remedy to his long-term loneliness, while Tara seeks respite from her mother’s alcohol-fuelled rage.
An interview with Alex Skarsgard, who stars in both True Blood and Generation Kill, is available on the press website at Programme Info/ Future Highlights/ October.

I’m not a fan of the whole fantasy genre. It’s too tiresome. I can suspend my disbelief only so far, which is why, when someone showed me the Buffy episode which turned into a musical, I seriously considered ending my own life.

However, very occasionally, something comes along that swerves all the usual heavy breathing tripe and overly sincere performances. True Blood is one of those shows.

Instead of tying itself up with yawning Gothicisms, this show ties itself up bondage style with a gigantic erection that you could hang a dead cow from.

True Blood, quite simply, is the filthiest television programme ever aired. The point of the show is blindingly obvious. It’s Rizla thin. Basically, the whole schtick is to portray vampires as the black people of the Deep South that got lynched and all manner of grisly behaviour.

However, the key difference with vampires and slaves is that vampires are magic and drink blood. They also tend to be white. I mean, apart from Blaxploitation flick Blacula, there’s not many vampires who don’t look like they’ve just stepped out of a Bauhaus gig is there?

So whilst you sit and suck up each wry nod of And This Is How America Used To Treat Black People, you do so in the knowledge that, should you wait for roughly three seconds, you’ll either get some unbearable mounting of sexual tension or a rough sex scene.

The bloke who played Vinny in Home and Away is, thus far, the most likely to be swinging his balls up a lady’s front garden and with his He-Man figure body, he does so with alarming frequency. I can’t help but think that his character must have a member so angry that when it’s having some downtime from the rutting, it’s writing letters to tabloid newspapers wholly in capital letters. In blood.

Weirdly though, you’d think that with all this endless shaggery that this would be a pretty one-dimensional show. It’s not. This is a handsome programme to look at and through the sticky nights of Bon Temps (that’s where it is set), you get a palpable sense of the American backwaters, along with a cast that really has many layers to be peeled back yet.

Anna Paquin, who plays lead, is a great little character who is kind hearted and made from Pumpkin Pie whilst also giving off the whole brooding rebellion and primal squirting urge. She’s really rather spectacular in it.

This is a show for people who like to watch TV that is simultaneously trashy AND tight-as-a-drum. It’s also set to be the perfect show for duvet fumbling teenagers who can’t wait to yank the soup out of themselves every 5 minutes.

In True Blood, we’ve got a show that has managed to be worth watching AND genuinely sexy. If you’ve been missing it, tune in. It’s a great little show. Just don’t watch it with your parents.

Wednesday, October 14 on 4

Bill returns Sookie’s favour by rescuing her from the Rattrays’ revenge attack, healing the wounded waitress with his own blood and leaving her, temporarily, with heightened senses. After being invited into Gran’s house for a “get-to-know-you” gathering with Jason and the rest of Sookie’s family, Bill joins her for a nocturnal sojourn. They end up at Bill’s dilapidated antebellum estate, where Bill fights off his primal vampire urges for the acquiescent Sookie.
An interview with Alex Skarsgard, who stars in both True Blood and Generation Kill, is available on the press website at Programme Info/ Future Highlights/ October.

Wednesday, October 7 on 4

The UK terrestrial premiere of the critically acclaimed vampire series from Six Feet Under creator Alan Ball. Starring Oscar winner Anna Paquin as telepathic waitress Sookie Stackhouse, alongside British actor Stephen Moyer as 173-year-old vampire Bill Compton, the series is set in the back-water Louisiana town of Bon Temps, where vampires have come out of the coffin and are vying for equal rights. Vampires no longer need humans for their fix, thanks to the invention of mass-produced synthetic blood, ‘True Blood’. But although they can walk freely among their living counterparts, their nocturnal lives are far from quiet.

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