Turn Back Time

9:00pm Tuesday 24 July on BBC ONE

Albert Road is transformed once again for the final episode, which looks at family life in the 1970s.

Single mum Lisa Rhodes moves in with her two sons, joining the other parents for whom the 70s are all about nostalgia. But as their daily lives are turned upside down by strikes, the three day week, power cuts, water shortages and women’s liberation, the rose tinted glasses fall off and the adults realise just how tough their own parents had it.

With all the mums working, the two dads on Albert Road pick up the slack at home. Michael Taylor puts on a pinny and cooks chicken kiev, while Phil knuckles down to the housework.

As the families pull together as a community for the final decade, it’s time for them to decide – when was the golden era for the family?

Blending living history and genealogy, Turn Back Time: The Family, explores what it means to be a mother, father and child in British society today and historically, throughout 100 years of change.

Ep 5/5

9:00pm Tuesday 26 June on BBC ONE

Turn Back Time returns to BBC One with a five-part series charting the evolution of the most important of British institutions – the family.

Blending living history with genealogy, Turn Back Time explores what it means to be a mother, father and child in British society today and historically throughout 100 years of change.

This landmark series takes three modern day families, The Meadows, The Taylors and The Goldings, returns them to the 1900s and then fast forwards them through five pivotal eras of family life.

In episode one the Edwardian era pushes the families to their limits. The Meadows are transformed into an Edwardian working class family who must cope with the impact of poverty on their lives, while their daughters adapt to their new roles as breadwinners.

Meanwhile the Taylor family take on the role of an upper class Edwardian household. Formality and etiquette demand that the family live separate lives – and mum Adele struggles as her familiar roles of wife and working mum are stripped away.

The Goldings family is clinging to its newly acquired social status as a middle class family. For dad Ian, it’s a chance to put his theories on the benefits of discipline into practice.

Ep 1/5

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