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Spoilers – Christmas Soap Storylines!

We’ve got a few sneaky peeks at the upcoming storylines in our top three soaps over Christmas – thanks to Sky – and it’s going to be the usual mix of good news, bad news and people going completely off their heads…

Just your average family Christmas then!

First up, in Emmerdale, Sally’s still desperate to get her claws into Ashley – who knew he was such a love god?! – and Laurel’s so angry with her Ashley for not defending her, or banishing Sally, that she refuses to spend Christmas with the bereft vicar.

That leaves the path to Ashley’s heart clear for Syco Sally! By the way, I know that Syco’s misspelled – it just fits better…

Anyway, moving on, in EastEnders, Amira still doesn’t have a clue that Syed’s having an affair with Christian, however, yet again, someone’s found out about it and that someone has plans to make Syed’s life a misery.

Who is it? Well, we don’t know yet but as soon as we do, so will you!

In Hollyoaks, Hannah’s eating disorder re-emerges, but instead of facing up to her problem and trying to deal with it, she begs Darren to run off with her.

Whether he agrees to her plan or not isn’t yet known/leaked, but again, you’ll be the first to know when we do find out.

One of the biggest Hollyoaks plots this yuletide involves nutjob Lydia who goes totally over the edge and sets off on an angry rampage wielding a knife!

And, she uses it on New Year’s Eve, leaving her victim facing a life and death struggle to survive.

There are happier Chrimbo times in store though when Fernando proposes to Steph.

She accepts, but the question is, will she get cold feet and ditch him at the altar? We’ll find out next year… doesn’t that sound odd?!

There’s another proposal too, because when Cheryl spots Gilly with a ring, she assumes he’s about to propose to her, but will he have the heart to tell her he had no intention of proposing or will he just go with her flow?

Mercedes and Malachy are having some severe marital strife over Christmas when Mercy and Calvin compete for the title of Mr and Mrs Sexy Santa. Can Mal stand to see Mercy kissing Cal? And the poor lad still doesn’t know that the pair are at it. Poor Mal.

More soapy Christmas gossip as we get it!

Over in Walford, the webcams are still, very irritatingly, showing “Censored Filming”, but today’s snippet of script – from filming for 29th December – reads…

JANINE: What’s the point? You’re a dreamer, Ryan. A little minnow trying to be a big fish.

RYAN: If I’m that much of a disappointment, maybe I should move out?

JANINE: Fine. I will.

RYAN: Fine. You do that.

Not really much of a clue there as to what’s going on, but in other EastEnders news, it seems Sam is about to get jiggy with Jack.

What is it with him and Mitchell women? He’s only got Peggy and Aunt Sal to go and he’s scored with them all! Yuck!

Over in Yorkshire, it seems that Ashley’s about to get into a punch up with rival Vicar Vincent, and poor Laurel is to be left “fighting for her life” after her and Ashley’s deranged and unwelcome lodger, Sally Spode -wife of Vincent – sets fire to the Vicarage, in the full knowledge that Laurel’s trapped inside the house.

A show insider told The Sun newspaper, “What most viewers won’t know is that Charlotte Bellamy was heavily pregnant when we filmed the scenes.

“She was crawling across the floor with six foot flames burning around her all the while trying to hide her baby bump.”

These frantic scenes are set to air in mid-November and we’ll be wondering if Laurel makes it out alive or not.

However, Emma Atkins has hinted on her Twitter page that one of the Dingle clan is not long for this world, saying simply, “A Dingle will die.” Yikes…I wonder if maybe Shadders tries to save Laurel??

And in Corrie, Teresa it seems is about to get her love hooks into Lloyd, but she’ll have to deal with Liz too, who is the real object of Lloyd’s affections. And judging by this spoiler pic, she’s not going to relinquish hold of him – or his throat – that easily.

It’s also being reported today that Rula Lenska is to make a guest appearance on the Street in the form of a posh friend of Audrey’s.

A show spokesman told the PA, “Rula will play a glamorous friend of Audrey’s who she meets up with at a function.

“She makes Audrey think about her life and what she wants out of it.”

For those of you struggling to place the name, it was Rula who appeared on Celebrity Big Brother the same year as George Galloway and the pair acted out that hideously embarrassing cat-milk scene.

It still makes me shudder now ;-(

That’s it from me for today but join me again tomorrow for more soapy news, gossip and spoilers. Have a good un!

Over in Walford, the dramatic Christmas scenes are now being filmed, and today’s view of Walford Cam includes a little snippet of a conversation between Tiffany and Pat…

“TIFFANY: How can Mary have a baby if she ain’t married?

PAT: Sometimes these things just take us by surprise.

TIFFANY: And how come they had their baby in the stable? Was Joseph in trouble with the Social?”

That little excerpt is due to air on the 22nd December so I’ll keep a regular eye on what’s going on over there and let you know if I see anything really spoilerish!

For now, here’s a couple of stills from the webcam first on the Square and then on Turpin Road…

In Emmerdale, we’ve got a sneek peek at an upcoming storyline in which Aaron cuts the brake pipes on Carl’s car…

Being completely unaware of the lethal state of the car, Jimmy takes Nicola and their baby out in it. Aaron spots them getting into the car and, knowing that they could be about to have a horrific accident, he gets on his quad bike and forces Jimmy off the road.

Jimmy is of course livid at first, but when Aaron points to the brake fluid that’s leaking from the car, Jimmy hails him a hero for saving them.

Carl however isn’t so convinced about Aaron’s story and reckons he knows exactly what happened… There’ll be tears before bedtime over that one I’m sure!

But there won’t be any tears shed over in Corrie when Emily and Ken choose to celebrate their 80th and 70th birthdays in the Rovers. With Lloyd DJing and the whole street in attendance, it’s going to be a fun night! We’ll get to see those scenes on the 9th October.

Join me again tomorrow for more news from the Top Three Soaps!

The Top Three Soaps: Cast News

Given it’s the end of the week, here’s a round-up of what’s been going on with some of the cast members of our Top Three Soaps this week.

First up, ex-EastEnder Emma Barton – who played Honey Mitchell – has spoken out about the show’s bosses decision not to renew her contract, calling the move, “a blessing in disguise”.

Emma left the show last April because the show’s writers felt her character Honey had “come to the end of her storyline” but Emma soon landed the lead role of Roxie Hart in a stage production of Chicago.

Emma told the Sheffield Telegraph, “I came to the end of my contract and the executive producer decided there wasn’t much more to do with the character of Honey.

“I think having to leave was a blessing in disguise rather than playing a part that couldn’t do much more and running the risk of getting tied to it.

“I am a great believer that everything is meant to be for a reason and I am grateful for what I am doing now.

“I left in a cab so I guess the door remains open but I can’t see me going back.”

Awww, poor Billy… I wonder if he’ll ever find anyone to love him like Honey did? I doubt it somehow.

So, onto another ex-soap star, Tina O’Brien whose officially announced that, despite rumours she was coming back to the show at Christmas, she won’t be.

Tina, who played Sarah Platt, is busy looking after her little girl Scarlett alongside her off and on-screen partner, Ryan Thomas who plays Jason Grimshaw. However, Tina hasn’t ruled out a return to the show in the future and she told the Manchester Evening News that she’s glad Corrie’s writers didn’t kill her character off.

“It’s really strange, because my character is supposed to have left the show, but even though she’s gone, they’ve kept the feeling there that she is obviously still a family member.

“With regards to me, I feel very lucky that they didn’t kill Sarah off and there is always that possibility of going back.

“But now that I’m a mum and I’m enjoying that part of my life right now, I don’t really know how that would fit in to me at the moment.

“But I’d never say never, and also there is going to be a point when I would like to get back to acting again.”

Yet another pair of ex-Corrie stars have recently announced that they’re expecting a baby.

Rupert Hill and Jenny Platt, who played lovebirds Jamie and Violet, said on Twitter, “Looks like I’m going to be a dad” with Jenny adding, “Thanks for all the well wishes!

“I’m 13 weeks at the mo so the wee one should be making an entrance in March.” Awww bless.

Over in Emmerdale, Alex Carter who plays Jamie has said that he’d like his on-screen love Louise, played by Emily Symons, to come back to the show.

Alex told Inside Soap magazine that he would be “thrilled” if Emily returned. However, he added that it’s unlikely to happen because Emily is now living full-time in her native Australia.

Alex told the magazine, “I don’t think Emily Symons would fancy the commute from Australia, where she’s living now.

“I didn’t know Symo, as I call her, until we started working together but we became really great friends. I miss her absolutely loads.”

So that’s it for our news round-up this week. Join me on Monday for more gossip, news and spoilers from our Top Three Soaps! Have a great weekend 🙂

Lacey Turner, who plays Stacey Slater in EastEnders has told Now magazine that it was “horrible” to see paparazzi pictures of herself while on holiday and wearing a bikini.

Some of the shots were less than flattering – though I’d give an arm and a leg to look as slim as she does! – and were taken while Lacey was relaxing in Dubai last year, but Lacey reckons that at least the pics show that she’s “only human.”

She told the magazine, “Unless you have an unbelievable figure, I don’t think you want to be reminded of what you look like in a bikini.

“It’s not like I was obese, just a bit podgy.

“Yes, I was eating chips and smoking a cigarette, but that’s because I’m human!

“I’m a size 8-10 and I could do with toning up, but I just keep hoping I’ll miraculously wake up one morning with a six-pack!” Me and you both Lacey!

She added, “I did join a gym and do a few classes, but I can’t stick to it.” Other soap stars however have been going all out to get fit for the Great North Run which was run on the 20th of this month in aid of Leukaemia Research…

Tony Audenshaw who plays Bob in Emmerdale ran with several of his co-stars from the show – including Chris Chittell, Jeff Hordley and Nicola Wheeler – and from the set of Coronation Street, Vicky Binns who plays Molly – a keen runner in the show – was along for the run with co-stars Conor Ryan, Graham Hawley, Rachel Leskovac and Craig Gazey.

Back on the Emmerdale set though, Emma Atkins – who plays Charity – has been speaking to Digital Spy about the rumours surrounding her return to the village. Emma refused to comment on speculation that her character is pregnant with her daughter Debbie’s beau, Michael. She has confirmed however that Charity has her son Noah in tow, and keeping hold of a child is something of a first for Charity!

Emma told DS, “Yeah, she [Charity] didn’t dump him [Noah].

“He’s one thing she didn’t desert in her life. It’s nice because there’s a great relationship forming between mother and son.

“Working with little Jack Downham is brilliant. He’s funny, he listens, he’s cute, naughty and intelligent.

“Charity and Noah are like partners in crime, which obviously causes a lot of jealousy for Debbie, because she never had that connection with her mum.”

In fact, so little connection with her mum has Debbie had over the last few years, Charity doesn’t even know she’s a granny yet. I can’t wait to see her return on the 1st October!

There’s sure to be enormous shockwaves as both Charity and Debbie – and indeed Michael – realises they’ve all been involved in a shocking ménage à trois!

Join me again tomorrow for more news and gossip from The Big Three Soaps.

In news from Yorkshire, Emmerdale actor Alex Carter, who plays Jamie Hope, reckons that having to kiss his on-screen love interest Gennie, played by Sian Reece-Williams was “the worst kiss ever”, but only because in real life, Sian’s dating Alex’s best mate.

Alex told Reveal magazine, “It was really weird and she was finding it weird as well, which made it stranger, and The Woolpack was full.”

Bless. At least it wasn’t because she has halitosis or something.

Meanwhile, in Manchester, it’s being reported that 1,000 Coronation Street viewers die every week! Is the show really that bad that people are just losing the will to live?! Well, my husband, who is a soap philistine thinks so, but no, it is in fact simply because 31.5% of the show’s regular viewers are over 65.

A source from the body who collected the data told The Sun, “Corrie is a massive hit among Britain’s older generation, many of whom have watched it since it began nearly 50 years ago.

“Interestingly, the figures also show half of its viewers are over 55 as well, so it just goes to show how old the audience is.

“It’s a credit to Corrie that it can keep on entertaining people right up until their dying days. How many shows can say they do that?”

Very well said!

Now onto news from London, and it seems that no sooner has Sam Mitchell turned up on EastEnders than she’s going to be off… again!

The Sun reports today that Daniella Westbrook’s contract – which is presently only for 3 months – won’t be renewed when it comes to an end.

A spokesperson for EastEnders told the paper that Sam will leave later this year as “part of an explosive storyline.”

I for one won’t be sorry to see her go; I’m afraid she’s just too unbelievable for my liking.

Back tomorrow with more soapy news and gossip!

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