Ultimate Big Brother

After Big Brother: Chantelle and Preston’s tearful meal, and JLS singer moves in with JJ!

The People today exclusively reports having spotted former husband and wife Chantelle and Preston sharing a meal which turned emotional when Chantelle burst into tears.

The paper reports that this was “their first date” since they left the Ultimate Big Brother house, and it’s thought that they wanted to discuss where their relationship is going.

It seems that 27 year old Chantelle arrived at the restaurant in London before Preston, and when he arrived, she greeted him with a hug, but they’d only been seated a few moments before her emotions overcame her.

The paper also adds, “By the end of the dinner date they seemed ready to give it another go. They even agreed to go Dutch on the bill.”

In other After BB news, JLS singer Aston Merrygold is reportedly moving in with his old mate and BB11 finalist JJ Bird.

Aston has been living with his bandmate Marvin Humes, however, Marvin’s now moved in with his girlfriend, Rochelle Williams.

Speaking to Now magazine about moving in with Aston, JJ said, “I think we’ll get along living together.

“I think I’m cleaner than him, though. Even though he’s not messy, I’ll probably end up doing all the chores.”

However, JJ ruled out a life of wild partying and revealed that he and Aston like the quiet life.

He said, “We just chill out, maybe watch a film or get a Nando’s. We just hang out.”

More After BB news soon!

After Big Brother: John James & Josie in new show, and Preston and Chantelle’s families “at war”

Big Brother’s John James Parton and Josie Gibson are apparently currently filming for a reality TV show that’ll follow the couple after they left the BB house.

A representative from Neon Management broke the news that the pair would appear in a new programme by tweeting, “JJJ – update .. Started filming reality TV show will post all details on when u can see it etc. next week .. Ave a good weekend x (sic)”

Since leaving the show, John and Josie have taken on a number of projects together, including interviews and pictures for OK magazine. It’s also reported that they are now living together.

We’ll let you know more details about their show when we get them.

And lovebirds reunited, Chantelle and Preston, are apparently facing hostility from their families about the prospect of them giving their relationship another try.

Viewers saw the formerly married couple growing closer while in the Ultimate Big Brother house, and since then, various media reports suggest that the pair have both admitted still having strong feelings for each other.

However, the Daily Star reports that Preston’s family are “dead against” the couple getting back together, while Chantelle’s family are keen for them to reunite.

The paper states that Chantelle and Preston are currently talking over their relationship, but it also revealed that should they get back together, they could potentially earn millions from endorsements.

A source said to be close to the couple told the paper, “Everything is up in the air at the minute.

“It’s no secret that Chantelle and Preston want to give it another go but their families are at war over the idea.

“Chantelle’s clan are right behind the plan but Preston’s folks can’t stomach the idea in the slightest. They’re dead against it.

“It’s made getting together in person really difficult, so at the minute they are keeping in touch on the phone.”

The paper adds that a number of reality TV show bosses are eager to sign up the couple if they reunite, to star in a Katie & Peter/Alex type show.

More news on BB’s couples as we get it!

Nadia Almada blames Davina McCall for suicide attempt

Former Big Brother and Ultimate Big Brother contestant, Nadia Almada, has blamed Davina McCall for upsetting her so much, she took an overdose.

Last week, Nadia was found by a friend, slumped in her bathroom having taken an overdose of painkillers and prescription medications, and since then, Nadia has told the media that she blames comments made by Davina for pushing her to it.

Nadia claims that Davina told her she looks “boyish” and should have cosmetic surgery. She also claims that Davina called her “fat.”

Speaking to Star magazine, Nadia said, “I couldn’t believe that Davina didn’t ask me about [my arguments with] Coolio.

“She’s someone I have always looked up to. Kids watch that show – she should be more responsible.

“For Davina to say I am boyish, what does she want me to do? Should I be a perfect, pretty size zero?

“It’s made me realise I need to have surgery and reshape my face. I am still not accepted as a woman.

“Davina’s comment has made me hate myself. I feel fat, I feel ugly.

“I am disgusted by myself when I look in the mirror. So I will have to try harder to conform.”

However, Nadia also apportioned some blame to how the crowd booed her when she was evicted from the UBB house, and her rows with fellow housemate Coolio for “damaging” her self-esteem.

She claims that during their rows, Coolio called her “it” and “tranny.”

She added, “He was being really intimidating, and told the other housemates to lift my skirt to see if I had male bits.

“There have been big issues made out of racial slurs in the past – like when Emily Parr said the ‘N’ word a few years ago.

“Why was it wrong for her to use that word, but it’s OK for me to be called tranny?”

What do you think about this story?

I’m surprised that Davina hasn’t responded, because from what I know of her, it would be singularly out of character for her to make hurtful remarks…

She’s a genuinely kind person, so I wonder if Nadia has perhaps misconstrued something and, because she’s obviously in a bad place right now, taken things out of context?

Over and out Big Brother – you made me cry!

Last night, Brian Dowling was of course crowned the winner of Ultimate Big Brother, and rightly so…

But I must say, I was utterly astonished at how emotional I found last night’s BB marathon of shows.

The first sad moments came with a tribute to Jade Goody, which, at the end, saw Davina, many of the former housemates, the audience and me in tears.

The tragedy of Jade’s death still makes me desperately sad; she’d have loved all the fun stuff last night wouldn’t she?

Then came all the retrospectives, and interspersed with the humourous aspects were yet more tear jerking moments. By the end, I was in bits as first Brian won, and second, the BB tribute to Davina aired.

Watching Davina try to fight back tears was the trigger for me to – yet again – blub like a girl…

I’m just glad I was watching alone since the rest of my household are a) male and b) mickey takers of the first order when I cry at something on TV, and c) dead inside; they never get upset watching uber moving stuff!

It’s going to be so weird not having BB over the summer; no Davina, no George, no Dermot – I’m still mourning his loss from the show – and no annoying, funny, stupid, boring, entertaining BB housemates to gossip over…

There is of course a rumour that the show will go to Channel Five, but even if it does, can it ever really hope to emulate the phenomenon that it’s been while airing on Channel 4? I suspect not.

So goodbye Big Brother – you’ve made me laugh, cry, get really angry, and provided endless hours of quality entertainment.

You will be missed!

7:30pm Friday, September 10 on C4

Channel 4 marks the end of an era by giving Big Brother a sumptuous send-off with a night of programming centred around the final of Ultimate Big Brother. As well as naming the winner of Ultimate Big Brother, Davina will preside over an evening of programmes including Big Brother: Dermot’s Last Supper, and Davina’s Big Send Off. Expect surprises, fireworks, some magical reminiscences and a bucket-load of tears.

Ultimate Big Brother: Nadia hospitalized after suicide attempt

The Sun reports that Nadia was found “slumped” in her bathroom on Wednesday and was believed to have deliberately taken an overdose of prescription drugs and painkillers.

33 year old Nadia warned that she was feeling suicidal shortly after she left the UBB house. She told friends, “I want to end it all.”

A friend who was staying with Nadia called an ambulance when she discovered Nadia unconscious. However, following treatment in hospital, Nadia was released and returned home.

A source told the paper, “This is a cry for help. She is very unhappy.”

It seems that Nadia had been very upset with the negative publicity she’d received both while in the house and after leaving.

Digital Spy state that BB5’s Marco posted on their forum that Nadia had been “devastated” by how she was received by the crowd on leaving the house last week. And Nadia herself recently rebuked Channel 4 for the way she was “presented” during the rows she had with fellow housemate Coolio.

She claimed viewers had been misled by edited footage of her part in the arguments.

Last night, a Big Brother spokesperson reacted to the news of Nadia’s suicide attempt by saying, “We have been in constant touch with Nadia and, like all housemates, she has access to all of our aftercare facilities.”

Let’s hope she can get through this bad time and come out the other side…

None of it’s worth dying for.

Don’t miss 8 Out of 10 Cats! Brian Belo on shit**ing himself!!

This week’s 8 Out of 10 Cats was recorded last night, and has just been delivered to Channel 4, and those of us on their mailing list 😉 …

And here’s a sneak peek clip of Brian Belo explaining how he sh*t himself on a train the other night!

It’s a very funny clip… Enjoy! T

his Big Brother Special also features Charlie Brooker, Jarred Christmas, Brian Belo and this year’s Big Brother winner, Josie Gibson. Plus, Aisleyne, Makosi, John James and more past names.


Ultimate Big Brother: Double eviction tomorrow night!

Big Brother bosses have revealed that two of this week’s three nominated housemates will leave the house tomorrow in a surprise semi-final eviction.

The three nominated UBB housemates are Michelle, Vanessa and Nick. So after two leave tomorrow, there will be seven housemates left to compete in the final on Friday night.

Brian is the bookies’ favourite to win the show, with predictions that Chantelle will come second and Nikki third.

In other news, the housemates begin a new task today…

Called Flawed, they’ll be meeting members of dance group Flawless who will help the HMs choreograph and practice a dance performance.

Later today, the housemates will have to perform their routine in front of the dance troupe, who will decide if they’ve passed the task or not.

If they do pass, they’ll be rewarded with a hamper of pampering products.

More UBB news soon.

Ultimate Big Brother: Michelle Bass – next ‘race’ row?

Yesterday, UBB housemate Michelle Bass was reprimanded by BB for making allegedly racist comments about Victor.

Apparently, Michelle, Victor, Nick and Brian were joking together when Michelle made a remark about “all blacks here tonight”.

Trying to cover the awkwardness of the moment, Brian replied, “Yes, all blacks, gays and divas tonight.”

Nobody seemed to take any issue with what Michelle had said, however, BB called her into the Diary Room and told her that her remarks were offensive and she could be evicted.

Michelle became very upset and was furious with BB when she told her fellow housemates what she’d been told in the Diary Room.

Brian tried to reassure her saying, “Michelle, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

“I wasn’t offended by it because I said it too.”

Brian was also later called to the Diary Room for a similar telling off.

Ulrika later told both Michelle and Brian that BB are just “covering their ar*es” for fear of another race row like that between Jade Goody and Shilpa Shetty.

A Big Brother spokesman confirmed

to the press, “Brian and Michelle were reminded about the rules regarding unacceptable language.”

What do you think? Personally, I can see why BB would reprimand them, but otherwise, I think it’s a bit of a to-do about nothing!

Ultimate Big Brother: Vanessa Feltz is going in! Makosi and Nadia are out!

Vanessa Feltz is going into the BB house tonight.

Will she have a meltdown again? Will there be any pies left by the end of the night?

Call back soon for news of who’s evicted tonight! 😉

Makosi becomes the second evictee from the UBB house. And good riddance I say!!

Nadia is the third UBB evictee.

More BB news tomorrow!

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