Underage And Having Sex

10:00pm Thursday, July 8 on C4

In the second episode, in a close-knit community of young families in south Wales, the mums and dads are concerned that their underage teenagers have started having sex too young. 13-year-old Christopher has been having sex with his girlfriend for a year, despite his mum’s best efforts to stop him. Will a heart-to-heart about her own teenage experiences encourage him to slow things down a bit? 15-year-old Angharad’s parents have just discovered she’s recently lost her virginity, and they’ve grounded her. But they can’t keep her indoors forever.

10:00pm Monday, July 5 on C4

Around one in three British young people will lose their virginity before their sixteenth birthday. Despite clear warnings about high rates of teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, never before have so many of our young people started having sex so young. These programmes offer a frank and uncensored young person’s view of one of Britain’s most controversial dilemmas, as they and their families negotiate the minefield that is underage sex. Continues on Thursday.

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