Undercover Boss

10:00pm Monday, May 9 on M4

This film follows Kevan Collins, who runs London’s Tower Hamlets council. At a time when the government is slashing public spending, Kevan has to make huge cuts: �50 million over the next three years. But what does he cut and what does he save? In order to find out what the council’s services are really like, Kevan has decided to work alongside his frontline staff without telling them he’s their boss… Prod/ Dir: Anna Sadowy; Exec Prod: Tania Alexander; Prod Co: Studio Lambert

10:00pm Monday, May 2 on M4

Undercover Boss follows David Clarke, Chief Executive of Best Western since 2005 as he spends five days posing as a new recruit to his organisation in order to find out how he can better run his business. Prod/ Dir: Katie Crawford; Exec Prod: Tania Alexander; Prod Co: Studio Lambert

8:00pm Sunday, September 26 on C4

Undercover Boss returns to see what lasting impact a boss’s experience had on a company. Andy Edge is a company director of Park Resorts, the second largest caravan holiday company in the UK. Andy knows that extreme times call for extreme measures and almost two years ago he made an extraordinary decision, to swap the comfort of his executive lifestyle for two weeks of back breaking work and early starts, going undercover in his own business to find out what was really going on…

9:00pm Thursday, July 29 on C4

Britain’s best loved fish and chips restaurant chain is under threat. Harry Ramsden’s new CEO Marija Simovic takes the remarkable decision to go undercover within her own company. Visiting three branches, Marija has to temper her natural managerial impulses as she shadows a young assistant manager, two waitresses at the company’s busiest outlet, and an empty restaurant reliant on pensioners. She comes up against broken machinery, outdated d�cor and general disrepair. At the end of her time undercover how will she feel about her new role, the company and the staff?

9:00pm Thursday, July 15 on C4

In Undercover Boss high flying business executives leave the comfort of their corner offices to go on an undercover mission to examine the inner workings of their company. With the US version of the show a huge hit in America recently, six more British bosses take on the challenge. The UK companies featured include the Jockey Club Racecourses, Tower Hamlets Council and Harry Ramsden’s Restaurants. The first film of the series follows David Clarke, Chief Executive of Best Western since 2005. David spends five days undercover as new recruit ‘Andy Green’, and his discoveries are mixed…

Thursday, June 25 on 4

At just 42, Stephen Martin was recently appointed chief executive of the Clugston Group, a major force in construction. He’s decided to visit his construction sites to work alongside his employees. He pours concrete, works in blast-furnaces, tries his hand at carpentry and does freezing night-shifts repairing roads, while looking for the best way to run the business. He confronts the consequences of his executive decisions and hears exactly what the workforce thinks of the management. After two weeks, he’ll reveal his true identity to his staff, and introduce some major changes.

Thursday, June 18 on C4

This brand new series sees high-flying executives take extraordinary steps to ensure their companies are fighting fit for the future – by going undercover in their own businesses. With many British companies struggling to survive, in each episode a boss goes on a secret mission to discover what in their business needs fixing, who deserves praising and who needs a wake-up call. This week’s undercover boss is Andy Edge, a company director of Park Resorts, the second largest caravan holiday company in the UK.

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