Monday, 26 January 2009, 9:00PM on ITV1

Ruth (Suranne Jones) is haunted by flashbacks of her arrest and the moment her sister was taken away from her as she makes her way to York where Lucy (Emily Beecham) is at university. After setting eyes on her sister for the first time in 15 years, she can’t bring herself to go and speak to her and sits mesmerised watching her from a distance.

Meanwhile, Steve (Matthew McNulty) hasn’t been home since walking in on Hannah (Faye McKeever) and Kieran (Jack Deam) in bed together. He’s hired a private detective to find out more about Ruth’s sister and is determined to exact revenge on her without Kieran’s help.

At Upper Hanging Stones Farm, Izzie (Siobhan Finneran) has been feeling guilty about her rude behaviour towards Ruth and when she comes to the house to see John (Peter Davison), Izzie takes the opportunity to make amends and invites Ruth in for a coffee. As they chat, Ruth reveals the details of her past and Izzie begins to understand her longing to be reunited with her sister.

Steve has heard back from the private detective, who has located the girl and given him the Belcombe’s address. Steve arrives at the house and recklessly kidnaps Emily and bundles her into a van, not realising he has the wrong sister.

Meanwhile, Ruth’s probation offer has been calling John as she’s been unable to track her down. Izzie immediately knows where she’ll be and heads to York where she finds Ruth sitting outside Lucy’s student halls. Whilst they chat, Ruth gets a phone call. It’s a manic Steve. He’s out of control – he has her sister and he’s going to make her suffer as she made his father suffer. As he gets more and more manic by the minute, Ruth’s baffled – he can’t have Lucy, as she’s looking at her through the window of her halls. Enraged, Steve pulls the tape off Emily’s mouth and allows her to explain who she is. He’s furious he has the wrong hostage, but he’s gone too far to turn back.

Desperate to inform Emily’s parents, Ruth has no option but to approach Lucy. She doesn’t fully explain who she is but after some persuasion, Lucy agrees to call her parents. Rachel (Jemma Redgrave) and Michael (Douglas Hodge) are shocked to hear Ruth on the end of Lucy’s phone, but their overriding worry for Emily takes over. Izzie phones the police and as they leave Lucy’s halls, Ruth tries to explain to Lucy that they’re sisters. Will Ruth and Lucy be able to rebuild their relationship after so many years? Will Emily survive Steve’s crazed kidnapping?

Monday, 19 January 2009, 9:00PM on ITV1

Steve (Matthew McNulty) has spent the last couple of weeks observing Ruth (Suranne Jones), his anger is now bubbling out of control. He watches where she goes, what times she gets back. He knows everything about her and he wants to make her suffer.

At the hospital, Lucy (Emily Beecham) has woken up from her coma and is ashamed and embarrassed by her actions. She was feeling the pressure of university and didn’t know where to turn. She has some buried issues, but she doesn’t understand what they are as she knows nothing about her past. Meanwhile, Michael (Douglas Hodge) and Rachel (Jemma Redgrave) have an issue of their own – the little girl they adopted and renamed Lucy, is about to be faced with her past. A letter from John (Peter Davison) has arrived asking them to meet with Ruth, but neither Rachel nor Michael want to upset Lucy further. However, ignoring the letters doesn’t help and they eventually agree to meet with John and Ruth. The meeting doesn’t go to plan as Rachel infuriates Ruth when she reveals she never passed on any of her letters.

Elsewhere, Izzie (Siobhan Finneran) is looking further into the history of the house and is horrified when she discovers the truth about Ruth and the murders that she committed in her family home. Feeling angry and deceived, Izzie warns John to stay away, and demands they put the house back on the market. However, during a family Christmas meal, Izzie’s fuming when she overhears her youngest son, telling the family that he’s the one who’s been moving things to scare his mother into believing the house is haunted.

Meanwhile, Steve’s decided today is the day to get his revenge on Ruth. He has everything planned and isn’t deterred when Kieran (Jack Deam) doesn’t show up. Ruth needs some help with her boiler and Steve has agreed to go round, giving him the perfect opportunity. However, as he looks at the boiler, working out how best to attack, there’s a knock on the door and Ruth’s neighbour, Eddie (George Costigan), pops in to see her and scuppers Steve’s plans. As Eddie and Ruth chat, Steve overhears her talking about her sister and formulates a plan B – he decides that hurting the closest thing to Ruth would be the best way to get revenge.

Brad (Will Mellor) is really starting to like Ruth and, not wanting her to be alone at Christmas, he invites her to his parent’s house. Ruth doesn’t feel she can accept his invitation without being completely honest with him, and plucks up the courage to tell him about her past. Brad’s stunned when she reveals she was sentenced to prison for murder and walks out on a devastated Ruth. The next day at work, she finds herself at the end of a hate campaign. The other workers have found out about her past and she’s deeply disappointed with Brad for telling everyone.

Under pressure, Rachel is starting to feel terrible about keeping Lucy’s past a secret from her and when Emily (Flora Spencer- Longhurst), who is also adopted, overhears hear parents talking about a sister from the past, she confronts her Mum. Rachel opens up to her daughter and explains that Lucy has a biological sister. Will Emily keep her mum’s secret?

At Steve’s house, Kieran and Hannah (Faye McKeever) have become careless with their affair and Steve is enraged when he walks in on them in bed together.

Meanwhile, Ruth is ecstatic when she receives an anonymous letter with the address of Lucy’s university lodgings. Will she finally be reunited with her sister?

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