Unreported World

7:30pm Friday, May 25 on C4

Reporter Evan Williams and director James Brabazon travel to the Central African country of Cameroon to investigate the practice of eating ‘bushmeat’ – wild meat hunted in the rainforest. They talk to the medical experts warning that butchering and eating primates including critically endangered gorillas and chimpanzees could trigger a new global pandemic – a new HIV or SARS – by unleashing as-yet unknown viruses. And they meet the British woman battling the trade and looking after the animals orphaned by the slaughter.

7:30pm Friday, May 18 on C4

Reporter Marcel Theroux and director Suemay Oram travel to Ukraine, which has invested billions in infrastructure projects for this summer’s European football championships. While the fans will enjoy the facilities, most of them won’t know that living around them are thousands of young people left on their own to survive dangerous, subterranean lives. The teenagers suffer awful living conditions and embarrass the Ukrainian government. Theroux and Oram journey underground through pitch-black basements and passageways under the streets of Kiev, guided by a group of young people who have made their home at the end of a warren of dark corridors.

7:30pm Friday, May 11 on C4

Reporter Seyi Rhodes and director Wael Dabbous travel to the Democratic Republic of Congo and enter the extraordinary world of professional wrestling. In the capital, Kinshasa, they find some of the superstars of the sport practicing ‘black magic’, and uncover allegations that many fighters are involved in gang violence and political intimidation. (This edition was delayed from last week.)

7:30pm Friday, April 8 on

Reporter Jenny Kleeman and director James Jones travel from Italy to Africa to reveal how human traffickers are using black magic to coerce and trap Nigerian women into a life of prostitution in Europe.

7:30pm Friday, March 25 on C4

Channel 4’s critically acclaimed foreign affairs strand returns for a new series with a film following remarkable people fighting back against the ancient disease of leprosy. Reporter Seyi Rhodes and producer Richard Cookson travel to India where based on targets set by the World Health Organization, the Indian government claims it has eliminated leprosy. However Unreported World reveals the numbers of new cases in some areas could be much higher than previously estimated.

7:30pm Friday, November 26 on C4

Reporter Seyi Rhodes and director Simon Philips travel to Senegal to investigate the hidden world of the country’s Islamic schools. They reveal how many young boys living in the religious schools are subjected to abuse, and forced by their guardians to beg on the streets for their survival. And they meet those trying to save the children from exploitation and abuse.

7:30pm Friday, November 19 on C4

As more young couples reject arranged marriages in modern India, Unreported World investigates a wave of violence that’s left hundreds dead across the country’s northwest states. Reporter Annie Kelly and director Katherine Churcher reveal that, despite Indian law giving everyone the right to marry who they want, increasing numbers of young couples are facing death at the hands of their own families for defying centuries of tradition.

7:30pm Friday, November 5 on C4

Reporter Peter Oborne and director Simon Phillips travel to Pakistan to find that the floods may have receded but their catastrophic consequences continue. They discover that incompetence and alleged corruption have caused poor areas to be flooded and rich ones protected. And in a country whose institutions are failing the people they are supposed to protect, they find ordinary Pakistanis striving to rebuild their lives.

7:30pm Friday, October 29 on C4

Zimbabwe is supposedly enjoying political stability under the coalition government formed two years ago. However, Unreported World finds a country still gripped by terror and violence. Reporter Ramita Navai and director Alex Nott film undercover to investigate claims that gems from one of the world’s biggest diamond fields are being used by Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF party to entrench their hold on power by buying the military’s loyalty. This is against a backdrop of human rights abuses, which victims say are being perpetrated by the military and the police.

7:30pm Friday, October 22 on C4

Reporter Evan Williams and director Alex Nott travel to the mountains of southeastern Mexico where 400 members of an indigenous community fighting for independence are holed up in bullet-ridden homes and surrounded by a militia in an unreported war. Fed up with years of conflict and government corruption, members of the Triqui Indian community are attempting to break away and set up their own mini state, but locals tell Williams that those supporting the movement face extreme violence.

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