US X Factor

It’s been reported today that both Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell will be leaving the UK X Factor this year in order to concentrate on the US version…

However, some media outlets are questioning the report in light of Simon’s appearance on a US talk show in which he dismissed the reports of his leaving the show.

The News of the World reported that he and Cheryl were leaving the show, and quoted a show insider as saying, “Simon would have to produce two big shows at the same time and he and Cheryl would have to mentor and judge acts in both countries.

“It would just be too much for them.”

However, while on the talk show, Simon said that he will still star in both shows. And Simon’s spokesperson also dismissed the paper’s report as “complete speculation.”

Meanwhile, it’s also being reported that both Dannii Minogue and Louie Walsh fear for their job on the show in light of the issue of whether Simon and Cheryl may no longer be a part of it.

Female First magazine reports Louie told a friend, “He’s [Simon] driving me insane! The show is going to crumble to pieces.

“I am meant to have a two-year contract but the way things are going I could be gone, too. “None of us have a clue if we’re going to be back for the new series or if the new series will even go ahead. We’re in total limbo.”

And another source said to be close to Walsh said, “Louis is really uptight about the whole thing.

“So is Dannii. Neither of them are happy with what’s happening.

“They feel Simon is obsessed with the American project now and he has no passion for what’s going on in the UK.

“It’s like there’s a big axe hanging over all their heads. Louis thinks the show could be ruined here.

“As if that wasn’t bad enough, Simon is only communicating with Cheryl over the whole thing.

“She’s the only one who seems to know what’s going on and that’s driving Louis and Dannii mad.”

More X Factor news soon.

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