Used Car Roadshow

Used Car Roadshow
Wednesday 24 October 2007 6:00pm – 8:00pm on ITV4.

Jason Dawe and Penny Mallory are back out on the road for two brand new episodes of the Used Car Roadshow.

In today’s show Jason and Penny travel down to Beaulieu in Hampshire where they meet buyer John Sweetland. John grew up always wanting a Ferrari and now that his business is flourishing he’s asked the team to help him make that dream come true. With a budget of around £23,000 will Jason and Penny send John home with the car of his dreams?

Meanwhile Zoë Hardman and Rob Hallam are down at the auction with Malcolm Rabin as he tracks down a first car for his daughter. She’s not even 17 yet, but with the birthday looming and driving lessons already booked its clear that a second hand car is what’s needed.

Jason delivers a Teenage Kick in the shape of the NSU Ro80, if you have never heard of one then tune in; this was a car that was so far ahead of its time that even today some of its innovations are missing on brand new models. Meanwhile Penny gets all soppy over a Mercedes Benz Sl320 that she’s fallen in love with, but Jason brings her back down to earth with a three wheel Reliant that should guarantee a whole year of depreciation free motoring.

Jason and Penny also come face to face with Storm, a fun loving Great Dane that is growing so quickly that his owners now have to get a bigger car. Luckily for Storm his owners have enrolled Jason and Penny to help them hunt down the perfect ‘dogmobile’ and with a budget of £35,000 there is going to be some pretty tasty alternatives on offer.

Now if you have ever wondered when the best time to buy a car is, then you have to watch this episode. Jason doesn’t just narrow it down to a month of the year, but goes so far as to pick a day of the week and a time of that day. Get your calendars out and make a note if you want to save some dosh on your next used car.

Body and Soul catches up with a Chevy engined piece of American motoring history, in the shape of a hot rod that started life back in the 1930’s. If you like your motoring noisy and your engines big then this motoring masterpiece is sure to appeal.

When Jason finds a Peugeot 205 GTi for sale at the Beaulieu Auto Jumble Penny gets very retro as she recalls happy days driving hers in the late 1980’s. Her memories are fond, but will she go the whole way and get her cheque book out?

And finally a Porsche with a difference, a real one will cost you £65,000 plus, but Jason and Penny have a cunning plan that will have you behind the wheel of this replica for just over £10,000.

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