8:00pm Wednesday, April 6 on

Kirstie and Phil head to Tuscany. Will they fall for the rustic charm of the countryside or will the luxury of one of the most expensive hotels in Florence win them over? Series Prod: Tom Garland; Exec Prod: Sarah Walmsley; Prod Co: Raise The Roof Productions.

8:00pm Wednesday, March 30 on C4

For a decade Kirstie and Phil have guided the nation through the ups and downs of the housing market. Now they return to Channel 4 to help people get the best out of their holidays. Vacation, Vacation, Vacation is packed with destination information, activities to suit all budgets and, most importantly, information on what’s worth spending your hard-earned cash on, and what isn’t. The first programme features Ibiza. Kirstie is charged with the budget break and seeing if the island can be a charming getaway for a family, while Phil dips his toe in the exclusive luxury of the Ibiza super rich.

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