warm springs (13/13)

Reaching the explosive season finale tonight is the intriguing US drama series revolving around the disappearance of Sara Collins, the wife of Georgia senator Jeffrey Collins. As Lucas interrogates one of the Collins family, and Sara’s phone call reveals her latest location, an unexpected development lays bare the truth about Sara and her kidnappers.

Since Sara disappeared from the underground bunker in which she was being held, the FBI agents have been wondering if the kidnappers moved her somewhere else. But when phone records from the Collins house are analysed, they realise that Sara actually called home – but hung up when Jessica answered.

The agents trace the call to a payphone and realise that she is heading north. “If Sara ison the run,” says Lucas, “the guys who took her are going to want her back. They have the resources and they have the will – so let’s find her first!” Senator Jeffrey Collins is furious when Lucas tells him that Jessica spoke to Sara but failed to inform him of the news, suspecting that his ex-wife deliberately hung up on Sara. Lucas also questions the Senator about his father, Eugene, who was present at the Encompass centre while Sara was being ‘treated’ there. If he was involved all those years ago, could Sara’s father-in-law have had something to do with her disappearance?

Meanwhile, Sara has abandoned the car she stole from her would-be attacker last week and is continuing on foot. Exhausted, she falls asleep on the ground in the quiet town of Warm Springs, where she is later woken by a curious young girl. Noticing Sara’s bleeding arm, the child begs Sara to come home with her and get some medical attention from her nurse mother. “Whatever’s wrong, my mama won’t tell,” she promises. “She’s good at keeping secrets.” Sara reluctantly accompanies the girl home, where the mother fixes her up and adds her own assurances: “Ain’t nobody going to find you here unless you want them to.” But after everything Sara has been through so far, can she really trust anyone?

While Sara hides out in Warm Springs, the FBI agents are getting closer to locating her after finding the man whose car she stole. He claims that Sara carjacked him, but Lucas knows that he is lying when he realises that Sara took the car to escape a clumsy assault attempt. As they track her movements after she abandoned the car, the agents get another lead – the woman who was sheltering Sara has called the hotline in the hope of landing a reward. Sara is on the move again, but it will not be long before the bad guys begin closing in on her… thanks to a tip-off from somebody inside the FBI. With their investigation being compromised like this, do Lucas and Mei stand a chance of ever finding Sara?

Elsewhere, Marcy is frantic at the realisation that her boyfriend, Ben, may be about to take the law into his own hands after discovering the truth about Judge Rainer; Peter Manning learns that Sara’s ‘little sister’ is actually his and Sara’s daughter and tries to go public with the news; and Sara makes a very surprising decision about her future…

the velocity of sara (12/13)

Reaching its penultimate episode tonight is the intriguing US drama series revolving around the disappearance of Sara Collins, the wife of Georgia senator Jeffrey Collins. In this week’s episode, Sara is on the run but finds her escape hindered by a tracking device. Meanwhile, Max divulges vital information about his time in rehab, which leads the FBI towards a shocking discovery.

Sara has managed to escape from her underground prison, but her ordeal is not over yet. After breathlessly announcing her identity to a stunned sheriff at a police road block, she is ushered into a police car and taken to the station to await the arrival of the FBI. “You’re safe now,” Agent Lucas reassures Sara on the phone, amazed that closing the case is in sight. “I’m coming to get you.”

Sara’s captors, unfortunately, have other ideas. When a man calling himself ‘Agent Lucas’ arrives with his men, he wastes no time dispatching the sheriff and every other cop in the building before heading to the back room to retrieve Sara. Having witnessed the carnage, Sara flees – unaware that her progress is being monitored by a hidden tracking device.

Agents Lucas and Mei cannot believe that a triumphant conclusion to the investigation has been snatched from their grasp. As they wearily begin the process of tracking down a helicopter seen leaving the scene, Mei tells Lucas about the tape that was found in Sara’s cell, showing Max talking about how much he dislikes his stepmother. The content of the tape is a surprise to both agents, as Max has had nothing but praise for his missing stepmother. “That sound like a loving stepson to you?” asks Mei.

When the agents ask Max about the tape, he tells them that he was only angry with Sara because she told him to get help for his drinking problem, and that the video shows a therapy session from his time at the Encompass Wellness Center – an organisation that owns the helicopter for which the FBI are searching. It also transpires that Max’s therapist was none other than Ben’s mysterious friend Quinn, who was arrested a week ago in connection with Sara’s case. “I told her everything,” he confesses, tearfully. Did Quinn use her inside knowledge of the Collins family to get to Sara?

Meanwhile, a desperate Sara has reached a roadside diner where she begs to use the phone. Spotting her relentless pursuers outside, she finally realises that they have implanted a tiny tracking device in her arm and decides to dig it out with a piece of glass. Escaping out of the bathroom window, Sara heads for the road and hitches a ride… but how far will she get before she is tracked down again?

Also this week, Peter Manning gets the results of his DNA test and is amazed to discover that Becca Jerome is his daughter; Lucas uses his initiative and Judy Nash’s ambition to get Quinn to talk about Encompass; and the horror of Sara’s past is revealed when the agents discover that she was a patient there over a decade ago. “If this was planned at least 11 years ago,” realises Mei with horror, “how big isthis?”

the proffer (11/13)

Continuing this week is the intriguing US drama series revolving around the disappearance of Sara Collins, the wife of Georgia senator Jeffrey Collins. In tonight’s episode, Lucas, Mei and Tyner prepare for Sara’s return after the demands are met; and a tip-off regarding Kelton alters the course of the investigation.

Senator Collins has high hopes that he will be seeing his wife again soon: he has done as the kidnappers requested and confirmed the controversial Judge Rainer, despite his reservations, and paid the ransom. Agents Lucas and Mei are also confident that the case is about to be closed, so are surprised when a man calls Lucas and says that he has information about Sara. “The kidnappers’ demands were met; this is over,” Lucas tells the mysterious caller, who also tells him that he is the man who had been sending Agent Kelton the ‘Nathan cards’. “Why contact me now?” The answer is not good: “Because they have no intention of giving her back.”

While Lucas and Mei head off to meet the informant, Sara is enduring more mind-games from her captors. She awakens to find a television placed in her room, and is shocked when its screen flickers into life and shows her step-son Max talking about her. He seems to be at a therapy session, in which he describes Sara as an outsider who only married the Senator for his money. Distressed, Sara tries to turn it off – but there is no power switch…

Meanwhile, Mei and Lucas are getting closer to finding Sara. The mysterious informant tells Lucas that he will give him Sara’s location if he can have the strange cipher wheel, and reveals that Sara is being held in an underground bunker at a wilderness preserve. The FBI narrow down the search area, pinpoint a possible location and head off there heavily armed. When they burst into the bunker, a ferocious gun-battle ensues and Sara escapes unnoticed out of a hatch. As the smoke clears, Lucas and Mei are disheartened to find that Sara has gone and believe that she has been moved by the kidnappers. In reality, she is making her getaway…

As her stepmother runs for her life, Marcy is having her own crisis. Pregnant with Rainer’s child, she decides to make good on her threat to make the pregancy public and calls Judy Nash with the promise of an exclusive interview. However, Marcy never makes it – she wakes up to find herself miscarrying and is taken to hospital. The doctor gently explains that the miscarriage was a natural occurrence, but Marcy is convinced that it was no accident. Did Rainer find a way to ensure that she kept quiet about their affair?

Also this week, the Senator realises that Rainer’s appointment will enable him to overturn a ruling and clear the way for the release of death row prisoner Aaron Hensleigh, and is forced to sabotage his own career to prevent this from happening. Marcy confesses all to Ben. The woman being held in the cell next to Sara’s (Tina Holmes, ‘Six Feet Under’) suffers retribution when she tries to help Sara. And Sara gives the police at a roadblock a surprise when she staggers out of a pick-up truck and announces: “I think you’ve been looking for me!”

the cell (10/13)

Continuing this week is the intriguing US drama series revolving around the disappearance of Sara Collins, the wife of Georgia senator Jeffrey Collins. In tonight’s episode, Agents Lucas and Mei interview a convicted murderer in the hope of cracking Sara’s case; the sinister individuals behind the kidnapping make a dramatic raid on FBI headquarters; Sara suffers in captivity; and Judge Rainer makes a crucial decision.

FBI Agents Lucas and Mei have discovered that Sara Collins’ disappearance is somehow connected to an ancient biblical text (see last week’s episode, ‘The New World’). Now their efforts to translate the scroll have led them to a jail where renowned theologian Dr Aaron Hensleigh is languishing on death row. Hensleigh is due to be executed in four days’ time for murdering his wife and research team, but it soon becomes apparent that the disturbed doctor is incapable of answering the agents’ questions.

Fortunately, another lead comes to light when police detain a van connected to Sara’s kidnappers. CCTV footage appears to show that the driver hid something in the vehicle before being killed in a shootout. Lucas and Mei head to the FBI garage to inspect the van, where they find an ancient metal device hidden in the roof of the car. The circular object is covered in Hebrew markings, and the FBI’s astonished expert identifies it as a “cipher wheel”: a 2,000-year-old decoder that could be used to decipher ancient texts such as the one acquired by the kidnappers. “This would be the find of the century,” the expert says. “Biblical scholars would practically kill to get their hands on that scroll!”

However, as the agents consider the ramifications of their find, the kidnappers are already planning to recover the cipher wheel. A pair of anonymous men hack into the FBI system and create fake passes for themselves, before calmly walking into FBI headquarters and breaking into the evidence locker. They retrieve the cipher wheel and are already on their way out when Lucas arrives to fetch the artefact. Upon discovering that the wheel is gone, Lucas chases after the men and engages them in a spectacular gun battle in the middle of the FBI offices.

Meanwhile, Sara is trapped in her windowless cell at the mercy of her captors. Her nameless jailor continues to play mind games by hinting that Jeffrey is doing nothing to rescue her. “There’s more to your husband than you know,” he says. To prove it, he plays Sara a phone recording of Jeffrey in which the senator appears to claim that his rising approval ratings are due to her kidnapping: “Her disappearance is the best thing that could have happened to me,” Jeffrey says. Little does Sara know that Jeffrey’s words have been cleverly edited by the kidnappers. But will she fall for the trick?
Elsewhere, Marcy Collins is shocked to learn that Judge Rainer, her former lover, is continuing his campaign to be elected to the Supreme Court. Marcy had threatened to reveal all about their relationship if he did not stand down and call off Sara’s kidnappers, but now the ambitious judge accuses her of blackmail. “I’m calling your bluff,” he tells Marcy. Undeterred, Marcy calls reporter Judy Nash and promises an exclusive story if she puts her live on air the next day…

Also this week, Sara discovers that she is not the only prisoner when she hears a voice in the next cell. And a clue left by the intruders at FBI HQ leads back to Dr Aaron Hensleigh…

the new world (9/13)

Continuing this week is the intriguing US drama series revolving around the disappearance of Sara Collins, the wife of Georgia senator Jeffrey Collins. In tonight’s episode, Agents Lucas and Mei uncover an incredible new lead in the case; the kidnappers play mind games with Sara; and Marcy Collins takes matters into her own hands.

After the suicide of Edward Morrell, the prime suspect in the Sara Collins case (see last week’s episode, ‘Aftermath’), agents Lucas and Mei are desperate for new leads. Fortunately, Mei has discovered that shortly before slitting his own throat, the mysterious Morrell sent a coded text message from his phone. The FBI’s lab tech sets to work deciphering the message, while an autopsy on the dead man throws up another lead: an ID chip is embedded in Morrell’s hand, designed to unlock a security system. The chip functions as a key – but where is the door?

The lab provides Lucas with a duplicate of the chip while the coded text message is found to match the numbers on a freight train that is due to arrive in Atlanta. Lucas and Mei head to the train tracks, where they observe the clandestine delivery of a large box, which is loaded into a waiting car. The agents trail the car to a warehouse where the delivery is unloaded. Lucas refuses to wait for back-up and decides to investigate: “Sara might be inside – I’m not waiting!” he says.

Inside the warehouse, Lucas hides as a group of scientists and heavily armed men carry the box to a laboratory and remove its contents. Inside is a set of ancient parchments covered in Hebrew writing. The documents are placed under a scanner and uploaded to a computer. Speaking to Mei through a headpiece, an astonished Lucas describes the scene: “Whatever we thought about this case, it’s time to re-think it,” he says.

Moving on, Lucas uses the duplicate ID to open the door to a room full of computers. With the help of a palm pilot, he uploads data from one of the machines and sends it back to the lab for analysis – only to be interrupted by a man with a gun.

Realising that Lucas is in trouble, Mei creates a distraction by firing her gun and setting off the alarm. Lucas overpowers his assailant but not before the computer equipment is blown up. With sirens wailing, the mysterious criminals pack up the parchments and escape in their vans under a hail of gunfire. The equipment they left behind is destroyed, but the images extracted by Lucas provide a clue to the group’s activities. An FBI specialist confirms that the parchment in the box is one of the Dead Sea Scrolls – a set of ancient texts throwing light on early Christianity. But how is this new revelation connected to Sara’s abduction?

Meanwhile, Sara languishes in a windowless cell at the mercy of her kidnappers. After undergoing a medical exam, she meets a new, nameless captor who engages her in mind games. The man claims that Jeffrey is doing little to rescue her: “He refuses to co-operate,” he says, before revealing that the senator has moved his ex-wife back into the house: “He’s not the person you think he is,” the kidnapper says. With seeds of doubt in her mind, will Sara succumb to the man’s manipulation?

Also this week, Marcy Collins discovers that her father is being blackmailed to vote for Judge Rainer’s elevation to the Supreme Court, and decides to confront the judge herself. Marcy flies to Washington DC and presents her former lover with a stark choice: “Tell the kidnappers to give Sara back or I’ll tell everyone about us,” she says. Judge Rainer has 24 hours to decide his future…

aftermath (8/13)

Continuing this week is the intriguing US drama series revolving around the disappearance of Sara Collins, the wife of Georgia senator Jeffrey Collins. In tonight’s episode, the FBI reacts to the shooting of Agent Kelton; Senator Collins meets his wife’s kidnappers; and Jessica intervenes to help Marcy and Ben.

In the final moments of last week’s episode, Agent Kelton was gunned down at the Senate, while trying to warn Jeffrey Collins to change his vote in favour of Judge Rainer’s appointment to the Supreme Court. At the beginning of this week’s instalment, the FBI agent is rushed to hospital, only to be pronounced dead on arrival. As Kelton’s devastated colleagues mourn, Agent Mei rejects Tyner’s offer of reassignment: “I’m going to finish what we started,” she vows.

Kelton’s old roommate, Agent Daniel Lucas (Eddie Cibrian), arrives at the Atlanta field office to take over the Collins investigation. His first job is to identify Kelton’s killer from security camera footage by using special face-recognition software. As the computer scans its database for a match, Tyner arrives with news that a security alert was started at the Senate by the Atlanta office – but who was responsible?

Mei has some explaining to do: she is forced to admit that Kelton asked her to engineer the alert in order to buy himself time; furthermore, she reveals that Senator Collins is being blackmailed to vote for Judge Rainer. “What else aren’t you telling me?” Lucas demands, when he sees that Mei is holding something back. She finally confesses that Kelton made contact with their mysterious informant, who had pointed them in the direction of five politicians killed in plane crashes. But how are these pieces of evidence related?

The agents begin to make progress when the computer finds a series of faces matching their suspect, suggesing that Kelton’s killer has dozens of aliases. But it is the shooter’s jacket, discarded in a bin, that provides the first breakthrough: a dead insect hailing from the North Carolina region is found in a pocket. When it emerges that one of the gunman’s aliases – Edward Morrell – has a North Carolina address, it would seem the agents have their man. “Looks like we found our shooter,” Mei says. An FBI SWAT team descends on the house, but there is an explosive surprise in store…

Also this week, Senator Collins is forced to make a detour on his journey home from Washington. He is ushered aboard a replacement jet when his own plane is waylaid – but it is only when a technical fault causes them to land in North Carolina that the senator becomes suspicious. Stepping into a deserted hangar, Jeffrey sees a figure bound and gagged on a chair: it is Sara!

Jeffrey is forced to sit and listen as Sara’s captor – Edward Morrell – reveals himself. “The delays in meeting our demands have been unacceptable,” he says. With ruthless calm, Morrell puts a gun against Sara’s head. Is the senator’s search for his wife about to come to an abrupt end?

Meanwhile, Marcy Collins attempts to raise money to bail her boyfriend, Ben, out of jail. When her grandfather refuses to oblige, her mother Jessica steps in, and turns to Jeffrey’s chief advisor, JT, for help. “You asked me what it would take to get me out of here,” she says. “Is the offer still open?” Jessica secures the money for her daughter but, in return, she must leave the Collins house forever.

resurrection (7/13)

Continuing this week is the intriguing US drama series revolving around the disappearance of Sara Collins, the wife of Georgia senator Jeffrey Collins. This week, the FBI makes a shocking discovery about Sara; Senator Collins resolves to vote against Judge Rainer’s elevation to the Supreme Court; and Agent Kelton tries to contact the mysterious informant who has been helping him.

The FBI has tracked the source of the live video feed of Sara Collins to a log cabin in the woods, only to find the room filled with blood. DNA tests quickly confirm that the blood matches that of the senator’s wife, and a dejected Agent Kelton travels to Jeffrey Collins’s home to inform him.

The grief-stricken senator holds Judge Rainer and his cronies responsible for his wife’s death, and curses Kelton for not allowing him to yield to their demands: “Why couldn’t you let me give them what they wanted?” he says. Collins was being blackmailed to vote for Rainer’s elevation to the Supreme Court, but now that Sara is dead, he resolves to defeat him in the vote. For the time being, however, news of Sara’s demise must be kept secret until her body is found.

The hunt for Sara’s killers gets underway, but Kelton has other ideas: he plans to contact the anonymous informant who has left clues in the form of St Nathan prayer cards for the agents to find. The cards are a reference to Kelton’s failure to save a previous kidnap victim – a boy named Nathan. Now he is desperate for his informant’s aid: “If he really wants to help, now’s the time,” he says. To this end, Kelton and Mei make a false appeal to the press asking for information about a white van with the registration, “1N8N” – a code for “One Nathan”. When Kelton’s boss, Agent Tyner, learns of the appeal, he berates him for releasing false information: “I’ve done everything I can to protect you – that courtesy is over!” he says. Tyner has further news: Kelton has been ordered to Washington to explain his handling of the case.

Relieved of duty, Kelton attends his daughter’s Holy Communion, only to discover an earpiece in the pew next to him. Fitting the device to his ear, he finds himself talking to his “Nathan” informant. The mysterious voice refuses to answer his questions and hints that larger forces are at work: “Forget Sara Collins,” he says. “Her death is nothing compared to the damage that will be done if Judge Rainer is confirmed to the Supreme Court.” The contact gives Kelton the names of a series of politicians who have recently died in plane crashes – are they connected to the case?

In Washington, TV reporter Judy Nash meets up with her ex-lover Daniel Lucas (Eddie Cibrian, ‘Third Watch’) for a romantic evening. The next day, Lucas heads to work at FBI headquarters, where he is revealed to be a former roommate and superior of Agent Kelton. Lucas greets his old friend with the news that he must announce Sara Collins’s death to the press: “Bad news needs a messenger,” he says.

Before Kelton can break the news, however, Mei calls with him with a new revelation about the case. A lab technician has found that Sara’s blood was diluted to make it appear that there was a greater quantity than there really was. “They staged her death!” Kelton concludes. There is still a chance to save Sara’s life – if Senator Collins changes his vote in favour of Judge Rainer. But with the vote underway at Capitol Hill, can Kelton reach the senator in time? A desperate race to the Senate ensues, with a shocking climax in store.

black box (6/13)

Continuing this week is the intriguing US drama series revolving around the disappearance of Sara Collins, the wife of Georgia senator Jeffrey Collins. This week, Agents Kelton and Mei chase the source of the video feed showing Sara Collins in captivity; Marcy’s secret comes to light; and Judy’s story about Sara’s past life is disputed by another reporter.

The FBI has new evidence that Sara Collins is alive in the form of a video feed beamed to a suspect’s laptop. The video shows Sara chained to a bed in a bare room – but when the feed is cut, the FBI has to race to locate its source. Agent Kelton turns to their prime suspect for answers: the mysterious Quinn, who appears to be connected to Sara’s kidnappers. However, Quinn refuses to answer Kelton’s questions, even when he offers to protect her from her paymasters. “You can talk all you want,” she says. “I’m done.”

Kelton tries a new approach and suggests to his technician, Agent Cedar, that they broadcast a signal from Quinn’s laptop to track the source of the feed. The signal leads them to an empty field with an antenna. Kelton climbs the mast and finds a black box attached to it. The box is a cell phone receiver used to transmit the video of Sara – but it offers no further clues as to her location.

Kelton returns to the video of Sara and watches it again. This time, he catches a flash of lightning outside the room. It transpires that there was a thunderstorm in the vicinity of Sara’s hiding place, so the agents check weather patterns in the area within the range of the black box, and come up with a location: Stone Mountain. Could the search for Sara Collins be nearly over?

Meanwhile, the agents pursue another lead in the form of Judge Wallace Rainer. Kelton knows that Jeffrey Collins was being blackmailed to vote in favour of Rainer’s elevation to the Supreme Court, which would implicate the judge in Sara’s disappearance. Realising it will be difficult to investigate Rainer’s background without drawing attention to themselves, Kelton and Mei ask for help from someone outside the FBI: feisty reporter Judy Nash.

Judy supplies them with files on Rainer which contain some surprising information: it would appear from the judge’s phone records that he called Marcy Collins 18 times in one month. “If they were having an affair, that would explain why Jeffrey’s turned against him,” Kelton says. Under questioning, Marcy is forced to confess to her relationship with the judge: “We were seeing each other, okay? It’s over,” she says. Marcy adds that Sara found out about the affair and told Jeffrey that Rainer was seeing an underage girl – but did not say who.

Also this week, Judy is annoyed when her story about Sara’s past life under the assumed name of ‘Nicky’ is refuted by another journalist. The rival reporter interviews a fisherman who claims he found the body of Nicky in the sea 12 years ago – and shows the TV report of the casket being exhumed to prove it. Determined to expose the claim as false, Judy calls in a favour from Kelton and asks him to have the FBI analyse of the body to find out who it really is. “They exhumed a body,” she says. “I think it was planted.” But will the answer bring them closer to the truth about Sara Collins?

the feed (5/13)

Continuing this week is the intriguing US drama series revolving around the disappearance of Sara Collins, the wife of Georgia senator Jeffrey Collins. This week, the FBI tracks a suspect wanted in connection with Sara’s disappearance; Ben is attacked in his cell; Sara’s past life is exposed; and Senator Collins contends with his ex-wife.

The hunt for Sara Collins has led detectives to a reservoir where a metal coffin has been unearthed. Opening the coffin in the morgue, Agents Kelton and Mei are surprised to discover it is empty – except for an earring. They quickly establish the earring belongs to Amanda McNeal, the late mayor’s wife who drowned in the reservoir ten years earlier: “Sara wasn’t buried there – Amanda was,” Mei says.

The agents turn their attention to the mystery of who pointed them in the direction of the reservoir. Kelton is convinced that a third party may be trying to aid their search. “Let’s say someone is trying to help us,” Agent Mei replies. “Why doesn’t he just come and introduce himself?” Kelton believes that fear is keeping the informant hidden – but their musings are cut short by the news that Ben Wilson, a suspect in custody, has been moved to another facility without their permission.

Kelton rushes to the jail and is shocked to discover that his name was forged on Ben’s transfer papers. He arrives in the cell to find Ben being attacked by a man with a knife, and shoots the assailant dead in the nick of time. Ben is returned to FBI headquarters for his own safety but swears that he did not know his would-be assassin. Kelton believes the lad is holding something back: “It wasn’t random,” he suggests, “they’re trying to keep you quiet.” Ben is stunned to hear that his court-appointed lawyer was an impostor, and decides to offer up the name of the woman who paid him to deliver money: Quinn.

The FBI raid Quinn’s house and find that she has disappeared through a hatch into a network of tunnels. The agents pursue their fugitive through an underground labyrinth until she is arrested. Once in custody, the mysterious Quinn refuses to answer questions or reveal her true name. Meanwhile, the FBI intercepts a video signal being sent to Quinn’s laptop, and tap into a live feed of Sara Collins, shackled to a bed in a room. As the agents scramble to locate the source of the feed, Kelton is frustrated by the slow progress: “This feed drops out, we lose our only lead,” he says.

Meanwhile, feisty reporter Judy Nash is accosted by Peter Manning, the fisherman who told her about Sara Collins’s past life under the assumed name of ‘Nicky’. Peter says that a video he owned of Nicky has been stolen, and Judy realises that someone is trying to erase all traces of Sara’s former life. Judy interviews Peter on TV, where he reveals his relationship with Sara for the first time. Senator Collins is stunned by Peter’s revelations about Sara’s past, and asks to meet the fisherman to hear his story.

The senator also faces trouble at home, as his ex-wife Jessica continues to ingratiate herself back into the family. Jessica has realised that the senator’s recent heart attack was faked in order to delay a crucial vote in the senate. She wastes no time in revealing this to her children, who are angry to learn that their father made them believe he was ill. Jessica convinces Jeffrey to let her stay a while longer: “You can’t do this alone,” she says. “Our kids need me, Jeffrey.” But can she really be trusted?

before the flood (4/13)

Continuing this week is the intriguing new US series revolving around the disappearance of SaraCollins, the wife of Georgia senator Jeffrey Collins. In tonight’s episode, Agent Kelton receives a clue pointing to a reservoir that may contain Sara’s body. Marcy Collins’s boyfriend, Ben, languishes in a cell after being arrested for murder, while Marcy herself has shocking news for her father.

FBI Agent Graham Kelton is leading the hunt for Sara Collins – but his efforts are being hampered by an uncooperative witness: Senator Collins himself. Collins refuses to explain what happened at the abortive ransom drop in a high-rise elevator (see last week’s episode, ‘Drop’). Kelton suspects that Collins spoke to the kidnappers on the lift’s emergency phone and received the real ransom demand – but is frustrated by the senator’s refusal to tell the truth. “Why are you shutting me out when the only thing I’m trying to do is help you findyour wife?” Kelton asks.

Meanwhile, autopsy results on Amanda McNeal, the late mayor’s wife, show that she drowned in a body of water containing red clay. Unfortunately, there is no way to know where she drowned without analysing every lake in the region. A frustrated Kelton takes time out from the case to take his young daughter Inez to church, but while talking to the priest, he is shocked to see that Inez has wandered off. Kelton finds her safe and well nearby – but she has been given a prayer card with an address scrawled on it by a strange man. Kelton quizzes his daughter about the man who gave her the card but she can only recall that he was wearing rubber gloves.

Agent Mei traces the address on the card and discovers that it is now the location of a reservoir. The agents are interested to learn the reservoir contains red clay and was opened in 1996 – shortly after Amanda McNeal disappeared. Could this be the place where she died? Kelton does a sweep of the lake and chances upon a group of sinister individuals in diving gear next to a black van. Suddenly, he is attacked by a man with a gun and almost throttled –only for Mei to appear and shoot his assailant dead. The divers in the van flee, and the FBI cordon off the area.

The investigation is now focused upon the reservoir, which may have been used as a “body dump”. Infra-red scans show a body on the lake floor – could it be Sara? As the FBI waits to find out, Mei wonders who left Kelton the prayer card in the church: “Graham, whoever led you here – either they wanted you to uncover whatever was going on last night…” she begins. “Or they wanted me dead,” Kelton concludes. But before they can ponder any further, their attention is caught by a surprising discovery at the bottom of the lake…

Also this week, Marcy Collins’s boyfriend, Ben, is arrested on suspicion of murdering Mark Valera – the man who took Sara Collins from the hotel. A distraught Marcy faces a quandary: it was she that alerted the police to Ben’s whereabouts, believing him to be implicated in Sara’s disappearance. But now Marcy is convinced that he is being framed: “You have to help Ben,” she tells her father. “Someone is setting him up!” Marcy also has shocking news that makes her even more desperate to see her boyfriend: “I’m pregnant,” she announces. Senator Collins arranges for his daughter to see Ben, but, after her betrayal, will he want to see her?

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