Waterloo Road

Felicity “Flick” Mellor, new character, played by Sadie Pickering

Flick (16) isn’t academic, but has communication and diplomacy skills that ensure she is a popular student. As Head Girl, she is clearly one of the most popular girls in the sixth form but she treads the fine line between attractive and threatening. She takes her responsibility seriously, and uses her leverage to talk to staff “on a level”. The apple of her dad’s eye, Ralph is blinded to his daughter’s shortcomings by her facade of innocence and butter-wouldn’t-melt charm.

Sam Kelly, new character, played by Holly Kelly

Named after her mum’s favourite drink, 13-year-old Sambuca is essentially a good kid who doesn’t stand a chance in her current environment. However, that’s not to say she’s particularly easy to teach, she’s got an opinion on everything.

Earl Kelly, new character, played by Reece Noi

Earl is ten months Marley’s junior and is in year 11. They share the same father, but there are significant differences between the two of them – whereas Marley is just a damaged kid from a chaotic background, Earl is a borderline psychopath. He’s quieter than Marley but commands respect amongst his peers – most of whom fear him – and his blatant sexuality wins him many admirers of both sexes, including Maxine Barlow.

Marley Kelly, new character, played by Luke Bailey

At 16, Marley is the oldest Kelly son – he’s in year 12. Due to the lack of a genuine father figure in the kids’ life, he’s become fiercely protective over his sister Sam and tries to be dad to his family. He recognizes Earl is a lost cause, perhaps even fears him, but is desperate to keep Earl and Denzil separate so that Denzil stands a fighting chance. Though critical of his family, he’s loyal and won’t hear a bad word said about them from anyone else – he had a few years experience of his mum being clean of addiction and clings to that memory in the hope that she will one day return to them, emotionally.

Danielle Harker played by Lucy Dixon

Danielle is bright but has to work for the grades that come more easily to Aleesha. She’s opinionated, can be quite arrogant and cares very little about what anyone who isn’t in her clique thinks. She’s pretty and image obsessed, taking a great deal of time and care over her appearance. Danielle has an answer for everything – her tongue is sharp and often cruel. She’s got a vicious sense of humour and delights in other people’s misfortunes, partly because it helps to fuel her feeling of superiority.

Aleesha Dillon played by Lauren Thomas

Aleesha is a very bright student with a quick wit. She and her best mate, Danielle, form an intimidating clique. They dress similarly – customising their uniforms as much as they can get away with – have their own catchphrases, and feel superior to most of the other pupils.

Bolton Smilie played by Tachia Newall

Named after the town of his conception, Bolton (16) was a cocky and disruptive thorn in the side of the teachers until he encountered Rachel Mason, who quickly saw the good behind the hard facade, and was determined that Bolton wasn’t to be beyond redemption. After a few hard lessons, he learned to respect his Head Teacher, and was her staunch supporter when her past indiscretions came to light. Willing to remain in school and try harder, he’s delighted when new PE teacher Rob also takes an interest in him, when Bolton displays a natural talent for boxing. Bolton has found something he’s good at but his and Rob’s enthusiasm soon land him in hot water and even worse trouble.

Karla Bentham played by Jessica Baglow

Karla is a 16-year-old girl with Asperger’s Syndrome who initially found it difficult to make friends and fit in at Waterloo Road, having problems with understanding affection and dealing with physical contact. Her literal interpretation of simple instructions was the fuel for spiteful pranks and easy laughs. But, with the help of her dedicated teaching assistant Davina, and the eventual genuine friendship with Aleesha and Danielle, she finds her place at the school, albeit with a few uneasy moments. Although her condition may sometimes be challenging for her, she is noticeably very intelligent, and brings a refreshing directness to the school.

Maxine Barlow played by Ellie Paskell

Maxine has had a troubled background – but there was a remarkable turnaround in her fortunes when Steph Haydock agreed she could stay with her. Maxine is now back at school and is making progress, although she’s easily led astray by Janeece, and falls headlong in love with the psychopathic Earl Kelly, whose tough guy image is only dropped when he’s alone with her. Unfortunately, Earl can’t change and their relationship comes to an explosive end.

Janeece Bryant played by Chelsee Healey

Janeece is a loudmouth. She’s not afraid to start a fight if someone’s annoying her and can be seen as a bit of a bully, though she is fiercely loyal to her friends. She does have a soft centre but it’s hidden from most people. Best friends with Maxine Barlow, she’s horrified at Maxine’s latest choice of bad boy boyfriend, and finds herself distraught when Maxine’s relationship goes tragically wrong. Janeece has a heart of gold but a mind as malleable as putty, especially when it comes to potential boyfriends, and causes more than just a stir when she hatches a plan to enhance her attractiveness with a boob job.

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