Weird Creatures With Nick Baker

Thursdays From 11th February, 8.00pm

Self confessed naturalist Nick Baker takes us to some of the remotest and most inhospitable corners of the earth on a colourful, exhilarating and fact-packed journey to seek out some of the planets strangest animals. Finding these creatures is never going to be easy an task, but Nick’s hunt is helped by leading scientists at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, and local experts. Combined with Nick’s passion for the natural world expect an exhilarating journey leading to close encounters of the weirdest kind.

This season sees Nick head to Southern Australia to find the Leafy Sea Dragon, an extremely rare ocean dwelling creature; a trip to the Baja peninsular in Mexico in search of the elusive Mole Lizard, an animal that resembles part snake, part lizard and part earthworm. And in Mexico, Nick stumbles across the home of the nearly extinct Axolotl, an almost magical salamander with a unique biology that holds great promise for medical science.

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