Whale Wars


This April Captain paul Watson and the sea shepherd Conservation society return for a new adrenaline-fuelled third series of Whale Wars. Waging a life-and-death battle to find and stop Japanese ships from hunting whales in the name of research, Watson and his eclectic group of international staff and volunteers take a hard-line approach to eradicate whaling and alleged ocean-law violations. 

Joining them on their Operation Waltzing matilda Whale defense Campaign, this new series sees the conflict between sea shepherd and the whalers grow ever more intense as each push the other to the limit to fight for what they believe in. This series features many dramatic events from the campaign, none more so than the sinking of the sea shepherd’s prized speedboat, the Ady Gil, and the subsequent boarding of the Japanese whaling vessel, the shonan maru 2 by Captain pete Bethune.

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