What Really Happened

Monday 26 January 2009 10:00pm on C4

At the funeral of Princess Diana, Earl Spencer gave a speech in which he said Princes William and Harry should continue on the path of their ‘blood family’ and not be ‘immersed by duty and tradition’. The Royal family responded by creating a complete press black out around the young princes. They went to school and university away from public scrutiny. Years later the Princes emerged as modern A-list celebrities, handsome and down to earth. Jacques Peretti investigates what happened in between. Who is in control? Who won the battle to shape the Princes?

Thursday 22 January 2009 at 10:00pm on C4

On 6 September 1997 two and a half billion people watched the funeral of Princess Diana. Six weeks later there was another funeral. This time there were no cameras and just a handful of mourners. This funeral was for Dodi Al Fayed. In death two different pictures of Dodi emerged: a talented man who’d won an Oscar for his first film, who was loved by family and friends; then came dark and salacious rumours of drugs and womanising. Meeting those close to Dodi, journalist Jacques Peretti asks who he was and how did he end up with Diana.

Thursday 15 January 2009 at 10:00pm on C4
Journalist Jacques Peretti returns with the What Really Happened series. In the first programme he investigates the world of Paul Burrell, and his spectacular fall from grace. From being Diana’s butler and her self-styled “rock”, loved by the nation, to a reality star on American TV, via a high-profile trial for theft and two books revealing secrets about his former boss, Burrell appears to be the master of reinvention. Peretti delves into his life, meeting family, former colleagues and friends to investigate what drives Burrell. There’s another chance to see Paul Burrell: In His Own Words after this programme.

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