White Heat

9:00pm Thursday 5 April on BBC TWO

In the present day a fifth former flatmate arrives. They too are overwhelmed with memories of the past – in episode 5: The Eye Of The Needle.

It’s 1982, the year of the Falklands war, and Jay and Orla are the only ones still living at the flat. Having watched Jack descend into heroin addiction they ask the other flatmates to return and help detox him.

Lilly’s life is blown apart by some devastating news while Alan remains unaware of the truth behind her anguish. Charlotte’s mother’s manic depression has placed increasing demands on Charlotte, not least when she arrives at the flat in an acute manic phase.

Charlotte sends for Jack’s father to see him. Jack, hearing his father confess his anguish over his son, breaks down as he realises the past damage he has caused to those closest to him.

Ep 5/6

9:00pm Thursday 29 March on BBC TWO

It is present day and painful wounds from the past are reopened as the foursome continue to sort through the flat.

Back in 1979 it’s the winter of discontent: strikes are causing chaos, rubbish lines the streets and a General Election is imminent. The seven are now in their early thirties but only Jack, Jay and Orla still live in the flat. The former flat mates come together in the pub to celebrate Alan and Lilly’s engagement.

Alan’s news confirms Jay’s sense of alienation. He has to hide his sexuality at work and worst of all from his family. Now he decides it is time to tell his parents that he is gay.

Margaret Thatcher’s election victory serves as a reminder to Jack about his failed political ambitions. Seeing Charlotte again also reminds him of what he’s lost and he decides to get clean and stand as a Labour Party candidate.

Lily and Alan’s wedding reception is in full swing when a stop and search encounter with the police gets Victor arrested. It is down to Jack to save him, but in doing so he knows he will risk his new political career and any chance of winning back Charlotte…

Ep 4/6

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