Who Gets The Dog

Who Gets The Dog
Sunday 2 December 2007 9:00pm – 10:55pm on ITV1.

Jack and Jenny appear to have it all: solid jobs, a great home and a loving daughter, Claire. But under the surface their marriage is at breaking point, and the final straw comes when Jenny discovers that Jack has been having an affair. Although their friends advise them strongly against getting solicitors involved, both Jack and Jenny are pushed into it by the actions of the other. Jenny hires the dynamic, sexy Tara Walker and Jack hires Steve Hollister, a young hotshot from a rival firm.

Tara and Steve meet at a Law Society event and are immediately attracted to each other. Their mutual interest is further piqued by the discovery that they are representing opposing clients. The battleground of Jack and Jenny’s divorce becomes the platform upon which Steve and Tara act out their flirtation. They make a bet on the outcome: whoever loses the divorce case will pay for a torrid weekend away.

Unaware of the behind-the-scenes machinations of their solicitors, Jack and Jenny experience the pain of their lives being torn apart as their past mistakes are scrutinised. Even the family dog is drawn into the conflict. Their daughter, Claire, is devastated and, desperate for them to get back together, she contrives for them to meet by making them believe she is going to kill herself.

Her efforts fail to reconcile Jack and Jenny though, and the situation escalates until it finally comes to court. However when Jack’s barrister begins haranguing Jenny to the point of tears, Jack cannot bear it and leaps to her defence. He dismisses Steve, saying that Jenny can have everything. Jenny is astounded.

Although Jack and Jenny realise how strong their feelings are for each other, it seems they will still be ruined by their lawyers as they’ll have to sell their house to pay the fees. But, unbeknown to them, their resourceful and wily daughter has a plan to save the day. Their unscrupulous lawyers get exactly what they deserve and Jack and Jenny get their lives back.

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