Who Was Jesus?

Sundays From 6th December, 9.00pm

Take a biblical journey in this three-part special through the Holy Land with three expert guides, as they investigate the latest archaeological and historical evidence surrounding Jesus, piecing together the reality of the world that he lived in and the forces that shaped his life. The Gospels record Jesus’ teachings and the marvels of his ministry, but there’s a much bigger story to tell. The three bible buffs walk in Jesus’ shoes, gradually uncovering a world of starvation, desperation and injustice. They explore the world he sought to change, delving into his life-changing meeting with John the Baptist, examining the ministry he established on the shores of the Sea of Galilee and his fateful entry into Jerusalem. This fascinating series also scrutinises new archaeological evidence indicating that key sites mentioned in the Passion may have to be re-sited, and how the reputations of key characters like Judas and Pontius Pilate, may have to be redrawn. Who Was Jesus? reveals that the greatest story ever told is not the whole story.

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