Who’s Watching You?

CCTV map of the UK

Watching this show tonight could be a real eye-opener as Richard Bilton informs us that we’re all potentially under scrutiny via the millions of CCTV cameras around the country as well as an increasing network of number-plate recognition cameras.

In addition, the UK has one of the largest DNA databases in the world and it seems that the powers that be have plans for a “super-database” which will log all the phone calls and emails British citizens make.

This programme will also ask the question, why has the UK become one of the “most watched” places in the world? And worryingly, we’ll hear how it’s not just CCTV and ANPR – Automatic Number Plate Recognition – that’re keeping an eye on us all; listening and tracking devices are, worryingly, often used by the authorities.

Bilton will also take a look at the massive dossier of information that’s kept on each and every one of us in terms of our “personal data”. The Government’s arguement is that if we’ve got nothing to hide, then we’ve got nothing to fear, but is that true? Certainly from the number of times this “personal data” has been breached, lost and/or leaked, many would argue that we do in fact have something to fear, and with identity theft on the increase, are the Government being inadvertent assistants to the criminals who use our data – collected by the authorities – to steal from us, amongst other things?

You can see a preview of tonight’s first episode as well as a more detailed look at future episodes here.

So what do you think? Are we living in a Big Brother state or is all this ‘watching’ and data gathering keeping us safe?

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