Wicked Women

Every Sunday in June Crime & Investigation Network (CI) has booked you a date with some of the world’s wickedest women.

The Sunday line up features all new episodes of Snapped: Women Who Kill as well as Aileen Wuornos: A Woman Scorned, Myra Hindley’s Prison Years and Women Behind Bars.

In an all new episode of Snapped: Women Who Kill, we take a look at the case of the ‘Black Widow’ – Dena Thompson, who killed her first two husbands and is now serving (at least) sixteen years behind bars. CI questions what led her to kill her husbands… did she fall victim to these men or is the ‘Black Widow’ really the one to blame..?

In these fascinating shows, the worst female murderers and the motives that drive them to kill will be investigated in fine detail. What causes these seemingly ordinary women, who lead everyday lives, to be pushed over the edge?

Black Widow

In this UK premiere, CI follows the story of London born Dena Thompson, dubbed the ‘Black Widow’ for manipulating, deceiving and murdering her first two husbands. Wicked Women scrutinises her life, lies and motives and talks to the men who were deceived by one of the UK’s most infamous female killers.

Black Widow airs on the 27th June at 9pm.


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