Wildest Africa


Africa is a land of epic natural spectacles and staggering beauty. Wildest Africa is a celebration of the continent’s most spectacular locations, people and wildlife. Discover the hidden gems as well as the various environmental challenges that threaten these pristine locations.

The Virunga Mountains are the embodiment of western fantasies about ‘Darkest Africa’, the land of the legendary King Solomon’s Mines, the source of the Nile and the last place visited by white men in the 1890s. A mystique still surrounds them: blanketed by mists and dense jungle, they are in fact a string of volcanoes, inhabited by endangered mountain gorillas and the Batwa Pygmies. 

The Nile flows from the glaciers and waterfalls of these so-called ‘mountains of the moon’, turning desert to fertile land. From the Ethiopian Afar people, whose men used to cut off the testicles of their rivals in order to claim a wife, to the extraordinary fishermen surrounding the largest salt-water lake in the world Lake Turkana, Wildest Africa shows the majesty of Africa in all its glory.

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