Without a trace

10:00pm Monday, January 4 on M4

The team’s job is made all the more difficult by their ever-growing list of suspects linked to the disappearance of a Russian matchmaker. Followed by Hard Landing: The team search for the son of a billionaire who disappears after piloting a small plane that crashes in the woods. Kim’s relationship with Marcus develops.

Monday, December 28 on M4

During the search for a missing psychologist, the team discovers the victim’s brother was imprisoned for rape, making them question if this past is connected to the disappearance.

Monday, December 21 on M4

The team searches for a missing man and tries to narrow down the list of suspects involved with his disappearance. The man had recently worked as a consultant on a murder trial. Meanwhile, Samantha and Jack adjust to Brian spending more time with their son, Finn.

Monday, December 14 on M4

Brand New Series: The squad searches for a mother and her baby son who disappear after an alarm goes off at a self-defence class. The team come to suspect the young mum of foul play.

Monday, December 7 on M4

Brand new series: The squad search for a man who is abducted while pretending to be a student. They discover that he has been faking his identity for years.

Monday, November 30 on M4

Brand New Series: The squad search for two neighbours who were abducted in broad daylight from a suburban home. But when the team discover the identity of the abductor, the case takes a surprising turn.

Monday, November 23 on M4

Brand New Series: The team searches for Elena’s former partner, an undercover cop who goes missing after a sting. During the investigation, Elena is forced to face the consequence of herpast as she races to find her friend.

Monday, November 16 on M4

Brand New Series: The squad search for a missing bar owner who owns a statue of St. Theresa which is believed to create miracles. Brian visits Sam but gets unexpected results.

Monday, November 9 on M4

Brand New Series: The squad investigate the disappearance of a 13-year-old girl who was last seen being picked up from school by her mother. Later, the team discover that the teen had a secret life. Elsewhere, Jack and Sam hit a rocky patch in their relationship.

Monday, November 2 on M4

Brand New Series: The team investigates the disappearance of a local television weather presenter who goes missing after he shows up to work bleeding from his side.

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