Without You

Thursday, 15 December 2011, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Ellie turns up at Milena’s workplace pretending to be an old friend called Gwen Abbott and quickly bonds with Milena’s business partner Frances. She offers to help sort through Milena’s paper work on the pretence of being helpful but is really looking for clues as to how she knew Greg. 

Ellie wastes no time in building a picture of Milena from her schedule and the anecdotes of the office assistant, Beth. Hearing of Milena’s numerous affairs does little to quell Ellie’s fears and her double life begins to take its toll. 

Ellie has built a strong friendship with Frances who confides in Ellie that her marriage to David is over as she had fallen for Milena’s lover. Rejecting Frances’s request to stay with her, Ellie asks Frances who her lover was, but interrupted, they agree to meet later at the office to talk. However, when Ellie returns determined to tell Frances who she really is and what she has been doing there, she is all too late. 

Thursday, 8 December 2011, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Without You is adapted from the novel, What To Do When Someone Dies by Nicci French. 

School teacher Ellie Manning is happily married to accountant GREG, But her plan for a romantic evening is cut short when two police officers arrive with news that Greg has been involved in a fatal crash with an unknown female passenger by his side. Alone, Ellie is overwhelmed by grief and uncertainty about her husband, whom she has never had cause to doubt before. 

Her best friend Gwen, Greg’s best mate Fergus and his boss, Joe, all rally to help the young widow. As they mourn the loss of Greg, Ellie is unable to accept the coroner’s ruling of ‘accidental death’. 

The identity of Greg’s passenger, businesswoman Milena Livingstone, troubles Ellie. Hugo Livingstone’s cool acceptance of his wife’s infidelity and his dismissal of their deaths plants a seed of doubt in Ellie’s mind. As her grief threatens to consume her, Ellie goes to drastic lengths to prove that Greg could not possibly have known Milena. However, as the mystery around Greg’s death deepens Ellie finds herself becoming suspicious of everyone, including herself.

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