X Factor 2011

The first full length promo for The X Factor USA has been released by Fox and it features all the new judges, Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, L.A. Reid and Cheryl Cole.

We also see co-hosts Nicole Scherzinger and Steve Jones, however, only Simon Cowell actually speaks…

Here’s the clip…

In other X Factor news, the Queen told last year’s finalist Mary Byrne that she “never misses” the show. Her Majesty spoke to Mary after she performed in Dublin in front of the Queen.

The Sun states that the Queen said, “You are the lady off The X Factor. Your song was fabulous.”

Mary’s then quoted as saying, “I asked if she watched the show. She said, ‘It could be too late for me but I do watch it the next day’. They record it for her.”

And in our final look at X Factor news, Simon’s right hand woman Sinitta reckons that the shake up of the show is long overdue.

The Sun Buzz * quotes Sinitta as saying, “Remember Sharon Osbourne? She was a huge X Factor hit, but the show survived when she left…

“Simon will let the show evolve and give everyone freedom to do their own thing.

“If it goes wrong it won’t be his fault; if it does well he will be a genius.

“But if Simon wasn’t missed then I think heads would roll!”

More X Factor news soon!

* Courtesy of The Sun buzz (www.twitter.com/TheSun_Buzz; www.facebook.com/thesunbuzz)

The News of the World today reports that Simon Cowell has yet again delayed the start of this year’s UK X Factor auditions so that he can personally “oversee” them.

The news comes after it was revealed today that Dannii Minogue won’t be on the judging panel this year, and that N-Dubz singer Tulisa is to take her place.

It’s also been rumoured that Simon has a fourth judge lined up – who will join Gary Barlow, Louis Walsh and Tulisa – but that the newbie’s identity is being kept secret for now.

However, back to the auditions, and it seems that Simon has yet again delayed the commencement of the auditions so that he can be there himself.

A show insider told the paper, “Simon’s a control freak. He didn’t want the show to start without being there.

“That’s why, when the decision was made about Dannii, he pulled the plug on the Manchester auditions.

“Yes, Dannii’s been brilliant over the last few years. But what everyone has to remember is that the star of the X Factor isn’t the judging panel, it’s the format.

“As long as the talent is there people will watch.

“Yes the judges are important but they are not the key to the show’s success. The quality of the singers is everything.”

News of exactly when the auditions will now start hasn’t yet been announced, but at this rate, they’ll be delaying this year’s TV coverage too!

And Kimberley Walsh will host Xtra Factor

The Sun today exclusively reveals that Ozzy Osbourne will replace Cheryl Cole as a judge on this year’s X Factor.

Ozzy, whose wife Sharon was one of the show’s original judges, will fill the judging job left vacant as Cheryl’s been offered a role judging on the US version of the show.

A show insider told the paper, “Ozzy would be a controversial choice but he can really bring something different to the show.

“Sharon was a big hit and we think Ozzy can do well too.”

However, Ozzy has criticised the show in the past and said of it, “It’s about killing music to make light entertainment.

“It should be about music and talent but it’s not.”

In other news, it seems Girls Aloud band member Kimberley Walsh is about to finalise a contract to host this year’s Xtra Factor.

The Daily Mirror reports that a show insider said, “Kimberley is the girl X Factor bosses want for the job.

“She has all the right ingredients – she looks great, she’s feisty, can hold her own and, most importantly, has been a success in the music industry.

“Cheryl gave producers a glowing reference telling them she would be brilliant for the show.

“Kimberley is the frontrunner and is in final talks. It is virtually a done-deal.”

However, an ITV spokesperson added, “No decision has been made. Several names are in the hat.”

More X Factor news soon!

Plus, Cheryl Cole was “bottom of the list” for X Factor USA role

The Daily Mirror today reports that ITV’s Director of Television, Peter Fincham, has confirmed the rumour that Simon Cowell’s role in this year’s X Factor UK will “not be as great as previous years.”

He added, “We have been in constant negotiations with Simon about ways in which we can move things forward and help The X Factor evolve…

“We have been aware that his on-screen involvement in this series will not be as great as previous years for months now.

“It is something that we are completely comfortable with.

“We are talking to him about ways he can have an on-screen presence later in the show.

“He will not be a weekly judge, but he will be an enormous presence backstage as always.

“Some of the speculation about us pleading with Simon to be a judge makes me smile.

“I constantly hear we are in crisis but in reality we have an amazingly constructive relationship with Simon and are very much reading from the same page.”

In other X Factor news, Now magazine claims a show insider has revealed that Fox executives were only prepared to consider Cheryl Cole for a judging role on the US version of the show if other stars turned it down.

It seems that Cheryl was only offered the job after Katy Perry, Rihanna, Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj all turned down the chance to be a US judge.

The insider said, “The powers-that-be originally wanted Rihanna. But she’s touring and refused to cancel.

“Then they moved on to Katy Perry, but she’s also busy touring and had to say no.

“They also wanted Mariah Carey, but she’s planning to take it easy after she gives birth to her twins, who are due any day now.

“Simon [Cowell] met with Nicki two weeks ago. He said she was ‘the one they wanted’.

“She adores Simon and was flattered, but she turned him down flat.”

More X Factor news soon!

Plus, Cher Lloyd launches competition to find dancers

The Sun today reveals that X Factor UK bosses are “in talks” with The Saturday’s singer Frankie Sandford for a role on the judging panel of this year’s show.

It seems Frankie has impressed the show’s bosses with “her forthright opinions and striking looks.”

A show insider told the paper, “Frankie has all the right ingredients for an X Factor judge – she looks great, she can hold her own and she’s been there.

“The Saturdays have had to work hard so she knows what the wannabes are going through.

“Just like Cheryl, she is young and glamorous and someone the contestants can relate to.”

However, it seems Spice Girl Mel B is “desperate” for the job, and the show’s bosses are said to be “interested.”

The insider added, “She is certainly gobby which is what Simon Cowell loves.”

In other news, last year’s finalist Cher Lloyd has launched a competition to find backing dancers for her music video.

The Sun reports that Cher will audition 18 dancers in London on April 27th and she’s hoping to find dancer with “enough swagger to be in a music video and the passion and talent for street and contemporary dance”.

Cher says that the dancers don’t need to have had professional experience.

More X Factor news soon!

The Daily Star today reports that amid a crisis over who exactly will be on the judging panel of this year’s X Factor, there are to be no live auditions in front of judges for the foreseeable future.

As viewers will know, in previous years, all judges have been present during auditions, and it’s their votes that put contestants through to further rounds or drop them altogether.

However, with no firm decision as to who will be judging this year’s show, and with the first auditions due to commence in London in two weeks time, the show’s bosses have revealed the change in format.

The paper adds that those auditions – due to have been held on April 26th – have been “ditched” while crisis talks are held with Simon Cowell.

It’s expected the first auditions will now be held in May or possibly even June.

A show insider told the paper, “It’s looking likely that ITV and Cowell have come to some kind of truce where he will still have a presence on the show.”

It’s also been revealed that both Dannii Minogue and Louis Walsh will return to judging the show this year, but there’s no word as yet as to Cheryl Cole’s role in the UK show given that she’s joining Simon on the US version of The X Factor.

More news on this as we get it!

The Daily Mail Sunday reports today that Lily Allen and Gary Barlow are to join the judging panel of this year’s UK X Factor.

The paper quotes an ITV executive Peter Fincham as saying, “We will announce plans for the panel when we are ready.

“But what I can tell you at this stage is that the new series of The X Factor will be very new and very different from what we have seen before.”

Meanwhile, a senior X Factor source added, “Contracts are due to be signed this week for the existing judges who are returning.

“Lily Allen and Gary Barlow are the names that are being talked about to fill the vacancies.”

The X Factor source went on to say that the plans to sign Barlow and Allen as part of a “radical overhaul” of the show this year.

And of course, this morning, it’s been revealed that Cheryl Cole will be on the judging panel of the USA version of the show, but it seems both she and Simon Cowell will also judge in the UK version.

The paper states, “Even though Simon Cowell is launching the American version of The X Factor this year, he has agreed to work on the live part of the British shows.

“They are on Saturday and Sunday nights, so Cowell will be able to appear on the American series, which will be on air on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

“ITV has agreed to fly him to and from the United States by private jet twice a week between October and December.”

More news on this as we get it!

People today reports that Cheryl Cole is “double chuffed” after being officially offered a judging role on the American version of The X Factor.

People states, “Simon Cowell worked flat-out to persuade TV network bosses to offer her the deal.

“But what cracked it was how many Americans in the street had taken the Geordie beauty to their hearts.”

It seems that the Fox network’s fears that American fans wouldn’t know who Cheryl was were quashed when thousands of hopefuls queuing for auditions knew exactly who she was.

A show insider said, “Doubts over Cheryl’s profile seem to have been dismissed by the reaction to her from people turning up.

“Fox TV bigwigs dropped many of their objections to her having a judging slot.

“If she can win over fans so early in her American adventure she can become a household name when the series starts.

“The bigwigs from Fox suddenly woke up and realised Simon might have been on to something with her.

“They were really impressed by how popular she already is. That clinched it for her.”

Cheryl will reportedly be signing a £1.1million contract later this month, and the insider added, “Even though she is still relatively unknown, Simon told Fox TV executives that Cheryl will prove an instant success with viewers when the series begins.

“He believes Cheryl has that rare ability to connect with viewers that few others have.”

Friends of Cheryl’s said last night that she was “double chuffed, just so happy” that she’ll be part of the US show. However, there is still one judging slot left, and speculation about who will take that role is frenzied, with some of the biggest names in the music industry reportedly being considered.

And of course, the X Factor UK still hasn’t officially lined up a full judging panel, however in a meeting with ITV bosses last week, Simon apparently reiterated his commitment to the show, but as yet, no solution has been put forward as to how he – and possibly Cheryl – might work on both shows.

More X Factor news soon!

American pop star Will.i.am is said to be “furious” with his X Factor protégé Cher Lloyd after she reportedly told a tabloid newspaper that Cheryl Cole had ignored her ever since X Factor ended last year.

Cher apparently added that Cheryl was “more interested” in her potential US career than she was in helping her.

But today, The Sun states that Will “read the riot act” to the teenager when he read her remarks.

A source told the paper, “Will called Cher to tell her that she has got too big for her boots.

“He has put a lot of money and effort into recording new tracks for her.

“He can’t work with an immature baby and won’t support her if she throws it back in people’s faces.”

In other news, it’s being reported by the same paper that Konnie Huq has been ditched from the Xtra Factor, and therefore won’t be presenting it this year.

The paper states that the show’s bosses decided she wasn’t going to offered a renewal of her contract this year because she made too many “mistakes” last year.

However, there’s no news yet on who may be in line to replace her on the show.

More X Factor news soon!

The Sun today reports that X Factor supremo Simon Cowell is in “urgent” talks with ITV bosses who are desperate for him to sign up to this year’s show.

The paper states that the show’s bosses are having “cold sweats” over his continuing delay to commit to the show this year, and their failure so far to sign up any big names to the show.

The paper also adds that the first televised auditions have been scheduled for May, and will be filmed at London’s O2 Arena, but as yet, there are no confirmed judges. The Boot Camp and judges’ houses stages are scheduled for June.

It’s believed that both Louis Walsh and Dannii Minogue have said they want to return to the show, but haven’t been offered contracts as yet. Cheryl Cole is still in the States and in talks with Fox about working on the US X Factor.

Also, there’s been no decision on who will host this year’s Xtra Factor, despite Konnie Huq having stated that she’s keen to take on the role again this year. The only definite returnee is presenter Dermot O’Leary, who signed a £1million deal last week after missing out on the US X Factor job.

However, Simon has reportedly told close friends that he won’t sign up for the UK show until after the US judging panel has been organized.

A show source told the paper, “Simon is cutting it really fine. ITV are desperate for some concrete news.

“All this dithering is seeing them break out in cold sweats.

“Simon’s focus is on the US series, which has nothing to do with ITV.

“They don’t even know if he will be back on the show – at the moment they are thinking he won’t be.

“He’s back in the UK now and they are hoping to get something from him this week so everyone can sleep at night.”

The paper also revealed that singer Lily Allen has had two meetings with the show’s bosses about becoming a judge, while Take That star Robbie Williams has said he’s too busy to take up a role on the show.

More news on this as we get it!

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