Young Apprentice

Age: 16
Education: Studying for A Levels in English Language, Fine Art and Textiles
Lives: Cheshire

He was named ‘Young Textiles Designer of the Year’ aged 13 – the youngest ever recipient.

He has an eclectic taste in music and plays the euphonium and the baritone horn as well as being in a brass band and swing band.

Patrick’s textile portrait of Anna Wintour, who is one of his inspirations, was recently displayed at the National Students Exhibition at The Mall Galleries.

Age: 17
Education: Studying for A Levels in English Literature, Philosophy and Drama
Lives: Leicestershire

She is Junior Captain of her local golf club and is a huge fan of rugby team Leicester Tigers.

Her main passion is performing arts and she also enjoys debating and travelling.

Her aim is to promote awareness of the medical condition endometriosis, from which she suffers.

Zara Brownless

Age: 16

Education: Studying for A Levels in English Literature, Maths, History and Theatre Studies

Lives: Hertfordshire

Film enthusiast Zara used to be a baby model and won a sock design competition when she was seven years old. She is inspired by Katherine Bigelow, the first female director to win an Oscar and currently produces films for charities. When she’s not making movies, Zara enjoys running and playing table tennis.

She says: “Dreamers dream; people who achieve wake up, get out there and start doing stuff to make their dreams happen.”

Hayley Forrester

Age: 16

Education: Studying for A Levels in Biology, Maths, Business & Economics and ICT

Lives: Shrewsbury

Ambitious former Head Girl Hayley says her “life revolves around order.” A farmer’s daughter and member of Young Farmers herself, she passionately disagrees with people claiming benefits when they could be working. Inspired by drinks company Innocent, she sells free range, organic eggs from her own chickens.

She says: “I wear wellies, and I am not afraid to muck in”

Haya Aldame

Age: 17

Education: Studying for A Levels in Maths, Further Maths, Economics, Biology and an Extended Project

Lives: London

Born in Iraq, Haya moved to England with her family at the age of 6. A self-proclaimed bossy-boots who is determined to succeed in business, she is also a keen eBay trader and wishes she was the brains behind MAC cosmetics.

She says: “I have a big ego… I want to be known as Haya Al Dlame, the next deserving winner of Young Apprentice. “

Hannah Richards

Age: 16

Education: Studying for A Levels in Government and Politics, History Economics, Philosophy and Ethics.

Lives: Berkshire

Female footballer Hannah has made money re-selling vintage clothes and creating school leavers’ hoodies. She plays for two football teams and also enjoys architecture, hoping to get involved in property management in the future.

She says: “I want to show that you can succeed in the business field, without relying on numerous qualifications. The right mind and attitude is ultimately a much more important quality than 12 A*s”

Gbemi Okunlola

Age: 16

Education: Studying for a Fashion and Design Advanced BTEC and an A Level in Business Studies

Lives: London

Award winning fashion designer Gbemi has already started her own clothing line and is involved in both designing and making the clothes. Listing Louis Vuitton as her inspiration, Gbemi describes herself as a ‘diva’ and feels her strength is that she always works to her full potential.

She says: “if I believe that what I’m saying is right I will argue until my full voice and my full opinion is heard.”

Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Magee

Age: 16

Education: Studying for A Levels in Economics, History, Politics and General Studies

Lives: Liverpool

Published author and rounders champion, Elizabeth “Lizzie” Magee’s first job was collecting glasses in a pub. She now has her own business designing personalised guitar straps and also breeds Jack Russell Terriers. A gym fanatic, she describes herself as impatient and a “time freak.”

She says: “I’m very, very determined and if I know how to get something I will get it.”

Mahamed Awale

Age: 16

Education: Studying for A Levels in Politics, Law, Economics and Psychology

Lives: Greater London

A keen inventor and fundraiser who describes himself as “competitive and charismatic,” Mahamed who is the Youth Parliament Representative for his borough, has already made money buying and selling TV satellites. Inspired by the Microsoft and Facebook brands, he hopes to bring about “monumental change” using politics and youth outreach schemes.

He says: “I have so many abilities and so many talents. I want to prove what an entrepreneurial person I am.”

Lewis Roman

Age: 16

Education: Studying for A Levels in World Development, Psychology, Performing Arts, ICT

Lives: Merseyside

Describing himself as ‘confident, charismatic and clever’, Lewis Roman’s first foray into the business world was as an assistant stylist at a hair salon. A keen shopper and gym buff, Lewis now works in the food industry and hopes to change the world of business forever.

He says: “I’m not arrogant or backstabbing, I’m just a really great guy.”

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