You’re Nicked

Friday 28th August 8.00pm

Natalie Pinkham travels the country to find out the true stories behind dramatic crimes that have been caught on video. In the second episode, Natalie heads to Northern Ireland to join police on a border patrol, visits a helicopter unit in the Midlands and joins the Met ASU in a high-speed pursuit.

This week, Natalie is back with the North Midlands air-support unit (ASU) to witness the extraordinary lengths to which some criminals will go to avoid the long arm of the law. One runaway driver speeds away from the police, only to find his path blocked by a dead end. The hapless crook ditches his vehicle and continues his jaunt on foot, crossing rivers and railway lines – before eventually running out of breath at another dead end.

Elsewhere, the Metropolitan ASU gets a call from a concerned wife who seems to have lost her husband. In this bizarre case, it only takes the chopper crew one phone call to track down the missing man, who reluctantly emerges – red faced and bad tempered – from his temporary refuge. Later, the ASU races to a pursuit in south London. When the helicopter arrives on scene, the driver quits his car, scales a wall and attempts to hide in a nearby tower block.

A trip over the Irish Sea brings Natalie to the Maydown Road Policing Unit near Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Natalie joins the officers on a routine border patrol to get a feel for police life on the north-south border in Ireland. Dangerous drivers plague the carriageways, with one inebriated motorist playing chicken with a bus at death-defying speeds and overtaking on a blind bend –with almost devastating consequences. Drink-driving is always a bad idea, but the addition of twisting country lanes often makes a lethal combination.

In Middlesbrough, Cleveland Police show Natalie what not to do after an argument with a lover. One inebriated driver takes his partner’s car for a spin after a row, but ends up smashing through bollards and hitting a house.

Also this week, a family feud turns into carriageway chaos, an ex-con lets loose with a chainsaw in the centre of town, and it is time to duck and cover when shop workers find themselves trapped with a firework, lit and ready to blow.

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